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Justin Bieber gets bullied with homophobic taunts

Filed By Bil Browning | October 18, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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Teen pop star Justin Bieber was on the receiving end of some anti-gay bullying over the weekend. justin-bieber.jpgWhile playing laser tag in a Canadian arcade, Bieber was repeatedly "shot" by a twelve year old kid who kept calling the singer a "faggot."

Bieber is telling friends he had no idea how hurtful these comments could be -- but even though he's a straight teenager, he now wants to take a stand against bullying and homophobia.

We're told Bieber will be going public -- probably within the next week -- to lend his support to the anti-bullying campaign.

And this is interesting ... our sources say Bieber's own people wanted to keep the specifics of the confrontation under wraps, but Justin felt it was important for people to know what happened.

The kid's father has tried to claim that Bieber struck his foul-mouthed little brat, but the police are denying the star hit anyone and just brushed past the bully on his way out of the facility. The boy's father reportedly kept telling onlookers that he's "a lawyer" and now says he'll sue the pint-sized singer.

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This is excellent news. I'm glad he's taking this incident and turning it into something positive.

First, I would bet the kid's Father suggested he call him a "Faggot" or at least taught him that.

And this: "Bieber's own people wanted to keep the specifics of the confrontation under wraps, but Justin felt it was important for people to know what happened."

Provides more evidence that children are indeed smarter than adults.

I really don't think that this is news.. Just look around the internet and you will find a truckload of a "Justin Beiber is gay/a girl" It is sad that he (or someone else) felt like they needed to lash out at anyone about comments made. I feel for the poor boy. He is the center of internet wide hate storm. I hope that this helps to change things for him.

Anja Flower | October 18, 2010 5:18 PM

I feel for the poor boy because he's being deprived of the privacy and freedom to make mistakes and explore without being lampooned in the press that most kids have.

Of course, this story is informative because it shows that next to nothing - not even fame and fortune - can shelter one from heterosexism and homophobia. The malicious rumors about Lady Gaga being transgender or intersex - as though those are bad things to be - are roughly analogous for transphobia and intersex-phobia. Sometimes, the worst elements have a way of bubbling to the top.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too - is this really the first time it's happened to him?

I don't believe the story. Sorry, but it's simply too convenient. Now that other "stars" have come forward to share their stories with no ill effects, here comes Bieber playing "me too." His managers want to keep the details under wraps? Puhleeze!