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Making the Push for December a Little Easier

Filed By Jarrod Chlapowski | October 27, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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All the news over the last few weeks has been confusing as hell, and not just for you guys. Wading through all the elating and depressing moments sucks, hard. Through the haze, one fact remains quite clear: We need to push our damnedest for a December lame-duck vote.Icon.png

The only way to make sure repeal of DADT is on the Senate calendar in December is to demonstrate this issue matters to you. The same tools as before still apply now: letters to the editors, op-eds, in-district meetings, letter writing - all that still matters. And of course, phone calls, which we've just made easier for you.

Today, Servicemembers United has launched its first iPhone app, "Repeal DADT," which incidentally is also the first political advocacy app released by any LGBT organization. In it are quick background pieces on the issue, talking points, web links - opportunities to help you speak articulately and accurately when engaging in grassroots activity on the issue.

However, the most important function - and the reason we rushed this app out - is the 'Take Action' screen. In it, you can quickly choose your state, tap the phone number to your Senator, and immediately dial directly into your Senator's office - or, say, the office of the senior Senator from Nevada who has the most control over whether or not we see repeal this year.

That's it. Presto bingo, you've just pushed for repeal in December. Pretty sweet, huh? And this is something you can do five times a day, every day until the lame-duck at no cost and with very little time or energy.

More updates with more advanced functions will be released the second they are created and tested. The app can be found either by searching 'Repeal DADT' or 'Servicemembers United.' Check it out, use it, share it, spread it.

United, we can do this.

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"And this is something you can do five times a day, every day until the lame-duck at no cost and with very little time or energy."

And, what? Senators will be counting these calls? How many calls change a Senators mind? 100,000 or 1 million? More?

On November 3rd, FOUR new Senators will be sworn in. These seats are currently all LGBT-friendly Democratic seats. The current likelihood is that two may go to Republicans and one may go to a conservative Democrat. We will lose 2-3 LGBT-friendly Democrats the day after the mid-term elections.

Today we have 56 LGBT-friendly votes in the US Senate. On November 3rd we will have 53 or 54 votes. Not 60 votes.

Could you please remind me how we will break the promised filibuster with 53 or 54 votes? Use math.

The last few years we have had a lot of "false hope." In fact, I think we've had plenty enough.

Calls to US Senators, not matter how cool your new APP is, don't make any difference. It seems counterproductive to ask people to do something that is simply a waste of time and energy.

If we do not try we can not succeed. We may fail but it will not be from apathy. All peaceful actions that advance our goals are worthy and noble.

To many of us are scared or apathetic to speak up. It will never change unless we do!

You are correct. We should "speak up" and talk to friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers. We need people standing with us. Calling a US Senator doesn't accomplish that - or anything in fact.

Do you have an app for the Droid? The Droid, as we all know, and even iPhone users have admitted this, is a much better and more popular phone.

We don't yet, but that is the most common question/criticism so far. Evidently both platform,s use API, which should significantly reduce the development time. Running idea by developer right now.

Edit: I have no idea what I'm talking about. Still, discussing possibilities with developer now.

Jill, put down the crack pipe. Droid? Bah. iPhone rocks.

(Except when it keeps dropping our calls! LOL)