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Neil Patrick Harris says it gets better

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 03, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Neil Patrick Harris has a message for young queers.

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maybe i'm just in a bad mood...

but it felt to me watching this that Harriss (and Bass) trivialized the pain and fear, and depression these kids are feeling...

"act with strength...courage...class"
so if you cant handle day in day out harrassment, physical/emotional abuse - you're weak? you're a wimp? you're a loser??

so just suck it up and stop whining already.-is what this says to me

the same message we're getting from focus on the family and friends

I have a hard time believing this man truely understands what this is... its not just name calling in the hallway anymore (and never has been for many)

I mostly agree with you, A. I don't question Neil's spirit and intent, and I think it's wonderful he did this, but.... He seems to be speaking entirely off-the-cuff and ill-prepared.
(As is they showed up with a camera in his front yard as he was dashing to the grocery store?) I'm guessing that if he had prepared his words more carefully, more thoughtfully, he'd probably have been more effective. But yes, it seems to be a bit hollow and could've been better.