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Notorious Homophobe New Head Of Montana Tea Party Group

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You heard me.

KXLH News is reporting that:

Tim-Ranvndal2.jpgTim Ravndal, who headed the Big Sky Tea Party until he was ousted following a controversial message he posted on Facebook, has been tapped for a leadership post in the Lewis & Clark Conservative Tea Party organization in Helena.

In an e-mail, Ravndal said that the Lewis & Clark's Conservative Tea Party is "organized and open for business," and that the purpose of the group is to stop the "extremists' outright attacks on our liberty, freedom, integrity and moral values here in Montana and across America."

The group's founder, Bobbette Madonna, said she is extremely pleased that Ravndal, the former president of the Big Sky Tea Party Association, has been elected as the group's executive director.

Great - the man who wanted the "Wyoming instruction manual" on how to hang fruits is in charge of the newly formed (by the disgruntled) Lewis & Clark Tea Party. The man who openly espoused the murder of other human beings is the executive director of a Montana political organization hiding behind the skirts of "conservatism."

KXLH again:

After Ravndal's comments got picked up by national blogs and local news outlets, he issued an apology on Facebook which has since drawn hundreds of responses: "In sharing news about ACLU suing Montana on the gay marriage issue, I made a mistake and commented on a post that implied that I condone violence against another human being. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Those that know me understand and that is all that matters." (emphasis mine)

No, Mr. Ravndal, that is not all that matters. People who preach hate and murder against anyone perceived as different or "immoral" are a threat to the safety of all peace-loving people everywhere. This country was founded on the principle of equal protection under the law. The United States has enshrined life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people in it's code of law. The law of the United States of America, not the King James Version of the Bible (which is a deficient translation in itself, but I digress).

Your remarks and subsequent "apology" do nothing to appease me. It's your actions that I find repulsive and dangerous. Actions which, according to photographic proof, are pretty difficult to deny or misconstrue. You meant those remarks. You played along. You contributed to fear, hate and mistrust in the hearts of Montanans and, sadly, other Americans. That casual conversation is much more a measure of your values than any political statement could ever be. That's who you are.

That's why I don't trust you. That's why you will be held accountable for your words and actions in the future. Too many innocent kids have taken or attempted to take their lives because of words like the ones you and your friends used. Too many minority Americans (pick whichever minority you like) are afraid to live their lives openly for fear of violence or ugliness. That's why I can't believe an organization is "proud" to have you unless they have the same beliefs and values that you do - especially the notorious ones.

Sorry, but I have to stop now.

I feel sick.

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As a Montana native, I have to hope that moderates and liberals in the state will react with disgust towards this vigilante extremism. Ravndal's brand of rhetoric is nothing new to Montana. In the past, it has been used to justify hanging Indians, Mexicans, Chinese, labor organizers,even hoboes...and now it's being used to justify hanging "fruits."

Ravndal can make all the allegations he wants about how "nonviolent" he is, but anybody who knows the state knows that he (and his followers too) mean business. It will be time for Montana liberal and moderate voters to vomit up the Tea Party at the polls, if they don't want a return to the violence of the Thirties, with goon squads out to get the union organizers.

Beautifully said- and I think the whole organization is starting to show it's true colors with all the lights getting pointed their way. I'm hoping for a backfire- and quick.

Someone in the Tea Party got rid of Ravndal a few months ago in order to make it seem like the organization was for decent human beings, but we knew that they wouldn't stand for being suppressed that way!

Are you sure you don't live in Indiana? The Tea Party folks have damn near taken over there too.

This is truly sad since historically western states
have been known for their live and let live attitudes.

In Arizona, one of our strongest supporters was
Barry Goldwater.