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Patrick Tutwiler: America's Next Top Pundit

Filed By Bil Browning | October 13, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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My friend, Patrick Tutwiler, is in the running to be America's Next Top Pundit. The Washington Post is running a Patrick-Tutwiler.jpgcontest to find the paper's newest columnist and Patrick is running neck-and-neck to take home the top prize.

The contestants were asked to submit one op-ed piece and Patrick's topic is Don't Ask Don't Tell. Since the contest started last week, the article doesn't contain the latest news about the Log Cabin Republican's court case, but the gist of his argument is still solid.

Gays have a right to be angry, and they should say so, but this is a moment that requires long-term, strategic thinking. And strategically speaking, the worst thing that could happen for the gay agenda would be a Republican party, who just inserted anti-gay language into their Pledge to America, with the House under its control and the political winds at it's back. Like it or not, the long-term happiness of gays in America is caught up in the short-term success of the Democrats at the polls.

Out of thousands of votes, Patrick is currently trailing by 434 votes. We could easily tip this in Patrick's favor if everyone who reads this post takes the two seconds needed to click the link and then click "Vote for Patrick." There's no sign up needed and you can vote once from each device so you can vote from your work computer, home computer and your smart phone! None of the other possible winners is writing about LGBT issues so if you want our community's needs front and center in the Post (instead of Tony Perkins' revolting trash) get off your butt, click the link and vote for Patrick. Let's bring home the win for him.

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I voted for Patrick, even though I was not all that impressed with his op-ed piece. (I'm such an anal-retentive jerk -- I immediately noticed that, third sentence from the end, "political winds at it's back" should not have an apostrophe in it.)

But we need more openly LGBT op-ed writers in the physically-printed-on-paper newspapers. Frank Rich, Andrew Sullivan, and Debbie Price shouldn't have to educate America all by themselves ... and we apparently need a small gay army to convince Anderson that it's safe to open his closet door.

P.S. You say, Bil, "None of the other possible winners is writing about LGBT issues" but ...

... David Ronka also writes about DADT. Mr. Ronka is presumably straight (well, he's married to a woman, and we all know how much that tells us), and his piece is worth checking out.

He currently has only 148 votes, but he's like all the other contestants -- he is a "possible winner" if enough people vote for him.