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We had the single most heated debate in SameSexSunday history this week--I actually had to jump in, play referee and send our Lefities and our Righties to their respective corners. What got our round table so fired up this week? Same Sex Sunday

Well, let's take a step back and go back to the beginning. Before the panel Rick Jacobs and Arisha Hatch of the Courage Campaign, and frequent guest, Open Left's Adam Bink joined Joe and me to discuss the California leg of the National Organization for Marriage's hateful bus tour. We also chatted about the tactics NOM is using to try to deceive California's Latino community into voting against a fair California.

The round table tackled (quite literally) this week's news of Judge Phillips' 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' injunction and the Department of Justice's decision to appeal Gill V The Office of Personnel Management, a Massachusetts Federal case striking down as unconstitutional provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act. We also discussed the end of the same-sex couple adoption ban as we know it in Florida, and Immigration.

As you can probably guess, passions ran quite hot over these topics for our guests Chairman of the Board of directors of LGBT Conservative group GOProud; Chris Barron, Field and Development Director of Servicemembers United; Jarrod Chlapowski, Bilerico Editorial Advisory Board member; Michael Crawford, Senior Political writer for MetroWeekly in DC; Chris Geidner, and Director of Communication for Immigration Equality; Steve Ralls.

However, when we discussed other issues like the much ballyhooed "lifestyle choice" remarks by Presidential Advisor; Valerie Jarrett, GOProud's acceptance of Carl Paladino's apology, Vince Vaughn's defense of a homophobic joke in his new movie, and Perez Hilton's retirement from bullying, we actually had quite a fight on our hands. We want to know what you think of this week's show--is this an important piece of the political discourse, or do some of our panelists need to visit charm school?

We do know this: we're having this same team back on soon to settle some of this unfinished business. My co-host Joe Mirabella and I had to cut off the discussion before they were finished more than once, so I'm sure they'll each have a lot more to say next time we have them on.

Drop by our Facebook Page, and let us know what you think of the show, what we missed in our discussion, and what else you'd like to hear soon. Your weekly dose of LGBT politics, policy, legislation and litigation analysis and strategy is getting better all of the time. Let us know how we could improve even more.

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On a more unifying note, however, Joe and I wanted to leave you with the video of Fort Worth City Council's Joel Burns's emotional plea to wake up and do something about the tragic epidemic of bullycide that disproportionally affects LGBT kids and kids perceived to be LGBT.

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So, ummmmm, was going to complain about LCR's not charging ahead to get GOP Senators to vote against DADT. But since VJ and presumably her boss are so very, very, very far behind the 8ball on acknowleging Orientation to be innate (isn't theirs??) What can you expect of those over 40.