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Stalked UofM student talks to Anderson Cooper

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The gay University of Michigan student council president who's being stalked by Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has broken his silence and spoke with Anderson Cooper about the experience. Cooper, who brought Shirvell to national attention with an interview in late September, is doing special reports all week in conjunction with People magazine called "Bullying: No Escape."

Shirvell has taken a leave of absence from his position with the Attorney General's office, but his boss refused to fire him claiming that Shirvell keeps the blog on his own time.

The video of Cooper's interview with Chris Armstrong is after the jump.

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Mike Cox, the Attorney General of Michigan is an example of the problem with Government in general and particularly in connection with LGBT issues. His job is to work for all the people of the State of Michigan not just those who share his views. He is hand in hand with the ultra right which oppose Equality for LGBT Americans. He has even joined the appeal of Prop 8 in California which I fail to see how he had the authority to do that. I personally believe he encouraged Shirvell to continue his Blog up until it got too hot for Cox to have Shirvell near him but he is also in a bit of a pickle because if he fires him outright for this it upsets his base supporters. It will be interesting to see how Cox attempts to free himself from this one. Personally I would like to see them both recalled from office and Shirvell disbarred for this but somehow I doubt it will go down that way.

Cox weighed in on Prop 8 because Michigan has a similar Constitutional amendment and, as Attorney General of Michigan, part of his job is to defend the laws passed by the legislature and people of Michigan. Perry has the potential to overturn Michigan's anti-marriage amendment, so Cox weighed in to proactively defend the law.

Not that it's any less of a homophobic move, but it's certainly not beyond his authority to do so. AGs file these kinds of briefs all the time.

I my opinion ( I am not an attorney nor do I play one on TV ) and given the friction between Cox and Granholm I personally believe he did it for political reasons more than a real need to join Michigan in on the appeal. After all he was running for the Republican nomination for Governor at the time. All this really does is add Michigan to the states in the appeal process, which allows him to grandstand for political mileage and gain points with the ubber right that oppose any rights for LGBT Americans. The matter will almost certainly go to the Supreme Court in time, and at that point the precedent would be established regardless if Michigan was joined onto it or not. So for all his "conservative" values he has just added the the additional cost of preparing briefs and so on to the state of Michigan on the matter. I wonder if he will manage to do this without his Assistant AG, Andrew Shirvell who seems to be in charge of the LGBT hate section within the Michigan Attorney Generals Offices.