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Student protests bullying outside his school

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 14, 2010 7:00 PM | comments

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Notice how the journalist says that the school hasn't been helpful right after the interview with the administrator. It's not so hard to report the facts.

I wish I had been that cool when I was in middle school.

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Good for him. I hope more kids join him.

Hypocrisy. He's standing outside a school protesting and it[s good, but when other people do it this is bad?

tell me something, Andrew, Do you agree with this statement:

"... public hostility to homosexuals resulted largely from their outrageous and promiscuous behaviour; gay people would win the good opinion of the public and the authorities by showing themselves to be discreet, dignified, virtuous and respectable."

Just curious given this statement, also by you:

"Collectively we seem to keep obscuring the real goal – equality. “Equal Rights” are not equality. Making us a “special class,” “protected class” or a “minority” only perpetuate our differences – instead of confirming our “sameness.” As a gay white man I do not want to be “tolerated” or “protected.” I would rather not gain “minority” or “victim” status, either. I think that would be counterproductive."

The administration's methods are strikingly similar to the way the Roman Catholic Church deals with predators.

What the hell is wrong with our schools? Why are school administrators so inept?

One word: lawsuits! they try to cover their asses with mumbled words. I was an elementary school teacher for 37 years and challenged those inept administrators to face the realities of bullying, gay and lesbian kids, minorities, left-handed students, green-haired quirky ones wearing saggy pants, but their own job protection (CYA) and the fear of those lawsuits overrode everything.

@Jillian afraid to go against the system - school boards are more like boards of corporations these days and the system is about a mass product.

Bravo for the kiddo. I wish I'd been that brave at his age.

He's gotten National Media coverage - it's a great story. This needs to lead to community conversations and some action by schools.

The administrator's solution is to just alter the student's class schedule so the bully isn't in the same classroom? Most bullying doesn't happen IN the classroom, it happens in the halls, on the playground, in the parking lot. And even it it did, the bully will just find another victim. EXPEL THE BULLIES!! Zero tolerance! Then let their parents home school them the rest of their school years!

This story, like the gay City Councilman in Texas, is making a difference. It's great when people speak up and simply try to educate, enlighten and enroll. The world is tired of people who simply try to embarrass or inconvenience. Those with real courage and not an "act," have an ability to connect with the world. We need that. This young man has done that.

Good for us.