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Tell Me Again: How Did I End Up Here?

Filed By Betty Greene Salwak | October 01, 2010 3:00 PM | comments

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I have just sat down on somewhat wobbly legs. I've had lunch and some caffeine, and now I'm coming down from all the adrenaline. From what? A taped debate about "Cupcakegate" with Micah Clark, executive director of the American Family Association - ladies-boxing-gloves2.jpgIndiana. Bil was not available--seeing as how he's in DC and all--so suddenly I'm the Bilerico rep for Indiana. I had less than 24 hours to prepare for my very first TV appearance and debate.

I was given the start, and my mouth was so dry my tongue literally wouldn't move against my teeth. I mumbled, trying to wrap my lips around consonants. After a few minutes my salivary glands decided to kick in, and we were off to the races. Clark was obviously well-practiced in arguing legislation, so I knew my only advantage lay in the personal (where it belongs). It became a debate between policy and people. I think I did okay.

You can decide for yourself on Monday evening at 10:00 on Fox channel 59 in Indianapolis. I don't care how I looked; I want the message to be heard. I hope I did you proud. I'll post my talking points this weekend.

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Betty, I haven't seen the show yet (and I might have to miss it because of being out of town), but even if Micah Clark mopped the studio floor with you (and I'm sure she didn't!), you still deserve our sincere thanks for taking on a debate like this on our behalf in front of thousands of viewers.

And indeed, having a straight ally stand up for us publicly sends out its own unique message, that it's not just LGBT people themselves who care about these issues.

Thank you so much again --- and I'm sure you did great!