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Terry Branstad Tells Kids Their Family Does Not Matter

Filed By Joe Mirabella | October 24, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Iowans before you vote, please watch this video. More importantly please make sure all your Iowan friends and family watch this video. If I had my wish, everyone that reads Bilerico would share this video every day until November 2. Is that too ambitious? Is that asking too much to just share the hell out of this video until November 2? Why, do I care so much?

Because former Governor Bransted, the guy who tells two kids to their faces that their family does not matter, is leading in the polls. In fact his lead is a whopping 55% - 37%. If he gets elected, and the Iowa legislature becomes Republican, it is very likely that Iowa will face a constitutional amendment reversing marriage equality. Do you want that to happen? No. So please, I'm begging you, get the word out.

Do you want extra credit? Donate to One Iowa who has been and will continue to work their tails off protecting marriage equality in Iowa.

Marriage Equality doe not have to be a partisan issue. One Iowa has been making that argument day in and day out. Unfortunately their work is not over. We still have people like former Gov. Terry Branstad in Iowa who don't get it. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can pull off an upset here and re-elect the fair minded Chet Culver.

So, go for it Bilerico readers. Share this video over, and over, and over again.

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Sadly it looks like the big lug is going to lose to braindead. I.m hoping my vote helps to retain the three supreme court justices and in preventing a Constitutional Convention.

I hope Mr Culver Can pull out a victory. Terry Branstad must be stopped. If the crazies in Iowa also manage to recall the judges who validated marriage equality in the state, we'll know the inmates have finally taken over the asylum. I'm posting this on my Facebook page and Twitter. I hope it helps.

Wow! This guy seems like a real gem! I wouldn't leave him in charge of a kindergarten class, much less a state!