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The Entire HRC Dinner (in under four minutes!)

Filed By Mark S. King | October 10, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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HRC held its annual black tie dinner in Washington, DC on October 9, 2010, and I was there to sit through all the speeches on your behalf.

Watch while Ricky Martin shares his worst kept secret, Bette Midler has a Diva moment and Pink preaches to the choir! Also includes Oscar winning actress Mo'Nique and the cast of Modern Family.

One quibble: in four hours I don't believe I heard the words "HIV" or "AIDS." Come on, folks.

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Question re: quibbles...

I didn't watch it (I had better things to do, like gluing my toenail clippings back onto my toes just for the helluvit and knitting all of the stray cat hair from around the house into a life-sized Steve Endean doll), but I'm curious: Did anyone mention trans-anything in any substantive manner (read: in some way other than tacking 'T' onto 'LGB' in statements that may or may not actually have had anything to do with trans existence)?

Renee Thomas | October 10, 2010 7:55 PM


With regard to your question . . . that would be not only no, but hell no. On the other hand, considering what a monumental failure the HRC has been in securing the civil rights for any part of our alphabet soup clan perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.

So tell us Joe, how are your extravagant promises and your gold-plated rolodex working out for you now?

A waste of money. Each year WE waste $120 million on Gay inc. and we don't get anything in return. We're stupid.

How would it turn out if we offered a "reward" for delivering our equality? How about a $100 million reward for our equality? Would HRC even respond? Or the Task Force? Do they even have a strategy to finish the job? To win?

Not likely, they know how to raise money, not solve the problem. STOP paying them.

Gay Inc. has received more than $1 billion in the last 25 years. What have they accomplished?

Being recognized as a Coummunuty Leader in St Louis, yet the the Headmistress of a Trans* Adovcacy Organization in Missouri, I chose a platform of heresy and attended the HRC Dinner in St Louis in mostly what was a mission to hear what they would say. Before the Trans castigate me, I will say that I have many friends here where some of them whose only fault is that they are chapter members of HRC and for a couple of hundred dollars (from my own pocket) had a fabulous networking event where I found all those that are unavailable during the week. In other words, sort of a captive meeting for all those I needed to talk with. Hey, doesn't that make it a business expense?

In one swoop answer, no, the word "Transgender" or any one of the permutations of the word is not spoken in the hallowed halls of Gay, Inc. Nor that of Bisexual, Intersex, etc, you know, the other flavors that are hated and discriminated against.

I was the only 'Trans' present (that openly identified as such). There were high roller 'Gay,Inc' guys that made no attempt to hide their disdain that I was there. You know, who the fuck is she (though were probably thinking "it") and what is she doing here?

Granted, many of my friends and colleagues were there and of course greeted me with open arms, as did members of the local HRC Club that know me. Yet much to eveyone's chagrin, when it was asked for people who had taken a Marriage Equality Bus to Iowa, I was one that stood up. I loved every bit of that 6'7" experience in heels.

The focus is (cisgender) Gay and Lesbians, noting the sexuality of that, I am Pansexual, who don't get a letter of the alphabet in TIBLGQ). Don't let Joe fool you. I get spammed with his email evey day, though my email software is smart enough to send it directly to the trash bucket.

considering what a monumental failure the HRC has been in securing the civil rights for any part of our alphabet soup clan perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.
I'd view it as truth-in-advertising-at-least-until-HRC-can-figure-a-way-to-make-a-buck-off-of-the-T-and-wouldn'tchaknowit-Day-of-Remembrance-is-just-around-the-corner.

Hell with HIV/AIDS! Hell with trans! You forgot to tell us the most important part:

What was Little Joe wearing?


Hi Mark. Welcome to the Club of People who've Written about HRC on LGBT Blogs. Membership comes with a free hazmat suit!

Anyway, one could fill up a lake with all the things that HRC ignores. I don't think that forgetting about HIV/AIDS or trans issues is a small quibble in this day and age. But as soon as those people start contributing to the D&G fund, they'll start getting attention!