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The Glee Political Ad

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's advertising strategy has caused quite a stir in the media lately. First he was given the honorific of "America's Nastiest Political Ad" for an attack ad against his opponent, conservative Bill Brady. The ad painted Brady as a politician who wants to kill small animals because it focused on Brady's sponsorship of a state bill that would have lifted the state's limit of one animal at a time in an animal shelter's gas chamber.

This time Quinn's team tempered the punches with a well done parody of Glee. There's still plenty of snark and low blows, but, hey!, Glee makes anything light hearted? Right? Even teen pregnancy, coming out, and narcissism are giggle-worthy when you give them a snappy soundtrack! This is one of the best political spots I've seen this year.

Quinn's cringe-worthy mass euthanasia TV ad is after the jump. What do you think? Low blows or perfectly acceptable? Are these dirty politics or not?

Brady's bill would allow the shelters fill the chambers with multiple animals - a cost savings that would have resulted in more homeless animals being choked to death by noxious fumes instead of the more humane lethal injection as recommended by the Humane Society of the United States. Brady withdrew his bill a few days after introducing it.

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I've written tons about Bill Brady right here on Bilerico. Here is the bottom line: Bill Brady is an evil son of a gun. I mean evil. We're talking hate-driven. Lots of politicians are opportunists--they follow the political winds and worship opinion polls. Bill Brady is a man of principles. Of course, his only principles seem to be based on his hatred of communities like the LGBT community, and his vendetta against our successful passage of the Human Rights Act here in Illinois--the gender-identity and sexual orientation inclusive employment protection law.

Ever since this law he campaigned so hard against passed, he's been working behind the scenes hard to find a way to topple it. In March he tried just that, and almost slipped it past a lot of folks. How? Well he didn't do it like a politician pandering to a specific support base, because frankly, few people in Illinois care about this law. Repealing it would outrage moderates and get shrugs from even the most Conservative parts of the state.

Bill Brady wrote this repeal bill, but then passed it on to another sponsor in another committee so he could pretend he had nothing to do with it. Passing this repeal bill was not a publicity stunt to shore up Conservative support because he didn't want to take credit for it. This was a personal vendetta against us.

Bill Brady HATES LGBT people, and isn't afraid to show it. This is the basest kind of hate that emanates from the core of some of the world's worst sociopaths. He's not just evil, he's a monster.

Great commercial. Let's hope enough people see it.

Brady is just being a good Roman Catholic.

He supports teaching creationism to the public schoolchildren of Illinois and supports school-sponsored prayer in public schools.

I think it's a brilliant ad, getting several points across in a humorous, rather than vicious, way. In fact, I like it even more than Joe Sestak's delightful "Belle: dog poop ad.

You can see the Sestak ad here if you haven't seen it already. It's a doozy too.

That Sestak ad is great--I hadn't seen it. Its really clear and concise and fun. What's wrong with that?

I like the Glee one. It's much better than the ones I see that are "YOU wouldn't VOTE for SOMEONE who VOTES WITH OBAMA, WOULD YOU?" Seriously, more cute ads that still show up the opposition please.

I am glad I don't have to watch the animal shelter ad on television at dinner time. The animal noises... :(

i haven't seen this ad on the local channels yet; i think it's really pretty good; Brady is a very dangerous man; he will steal everything else that's left;

he may have let his tax statements out for 3 hours, his running made - the stammerer in the video - refuses to let his be seen at all; and he's just as rich...

The Glee ad is brilliant. Make them look as dumb as they are.

The euthanasia ad is strong stuff, but I think it's a good tactic. If the Republicans can use "save the children!" to strip us of our rights, hit them with killing pets. I don't see any loss of moral high ground here -- this is what Brady favors, so let people know it.