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The Meticulous, Efficient and Perhaps Inevitable Murder of God by American Religion

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The obvious blood on the hands of American religious leaders is that of LGBT world-religion.gifyoungsters driven to despair by exclusion from salvation, from the consolation of the earthly flock, and from a place at the table of God in the afterlife. This ongoing tragedy may eventually be stopped by new laws that will repair the damage done by the feverishly botched parenting and teaching fueled by almost all the denominations of American religion.

There is another murder in process. An unnoticed one. Like the slow poisoning of a Newport heiress. Like the degradation of a venerable clothing brand in the hands of careless managers. Like the ruin of a food franchise or a chain of coffee shops when lust for profits overcomes quality. Like a Detroit automobile manufacturer stumbling over an assembly line of misfits. The day comes when you stop going there because you're no longer getting what you once enjoyed. The inferior shirt cannot speak. The tasteless hamburger cannot speak. The weak coffee cannot speak. The stalled Ford cannot speak, and God, made comatose by the rabid marketing and blue light specialing of his attendants and custodians cannot speak in his own defense. God cannot fire these Pharisees as they colorize his immobile face with their make-up. God cannot protest because they have preserved him in Lucite.

We are left to wonder how and why American religion twisted the visage of God into the distorted Caliban of hatred, suspicion and fear. If ever there was a time for thunder and lightning to strike down the righteous, surely it is now, but the sun shines daily upon these murderers, and so we doubt their guilt, and rather than incarcerate them, we treat them politely and occasionally share their hymns. Meanwhile, God dies.

God dies because American religious leaders crossed all the wires. They turned churches into clubs for those who find comfort in similarity. They turned churches into escape hatches from the necessary personal work of thinking about life and love. They turned churches into failsafe cookbooks that guarantee the delivery of decent but unsavory family meals. They turned churches into facile explanations for mysteries that can never be known. Mysteries like "Why am I gay?" or "Why did she get cancer?" or "Why am I unemployed?" or "Why doesn't he love me?" or "Why can't I stay on a diet?" or "Why did that baby die?" or "Why should I go on living if it only means more suffering?" These religious leaders explain to us that it is the will of God, and assure us that they would know, because they speak for him.

American religion has eviscerated God, scooping the compassionate heart out of him and that is essence of the murder that they daily commit.

I do not want God to die. Unfortunately, like Annette de la Renta arriving too late at the bedside of the mistreated Brooke Astor, I fear there is little I can do to stop the murderers. The youngest among us now see little difference between God and Santa Claus. Gaytheism is the product of American religion. The next generations will wrestle with the eternal questions as have we, but without the persona of God who will become frozen in bygone times. Our present God will be a museum specimen for future LGBT generations who with their friends and families will have cast off the oppression of American religion made quaint rather than menacing by the safe distance of decades.

I doubt they will invent new religions. Instead, they will use their own new tools to fearlessly face the mysterious and often painful business of living. Meanwhile, although you can't hear his comatose murmur, and although you get no response when you squeeze his hand on the hospital sheets, God is well aware of the ugly battle waged in his name and if he could regain consciousness, his final valiant gesture on behalf of the people he has always loved would be to ask us to pull the plug.

This is, afterall, not the life he had in mind. Can we who keep vigil talk him out of it?

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Chitown Kev | October 7, 2010 12:42 PM

Holy Shades of William Shakespeare and Friedrich Nietzsche's madman, Batman.


I agree with you Father Tony.

Chitown Kev | October 7, 2010 12:59 PM

Actually, that sounds rather flip...

Well, where I disagree with you is whether new gods will or will not be found.

I believe that as long as mystery and things that are unknowable exist (and to be more specific about it, I'm talking about death) I don't think that the idea of god will ever die.

The gods (and goddesses) may change and they may be understood differently. And maybe finding out what that is for me is part of the journey.

But I know that I feel nothing in any church (not even the more "liberal" ones).

JP Peterson | October 7, 2010 1:06 PM

The death of "God" can't come fast enough.

Rather than use intelect and inate human compassion, far to many people close their minds to reality and embrace ancient legends.

Billions in the world suffer from faith and belief. More exactly "faiths" and "beliefs". No mater how you look at it, most of them have to be wrong. I say it's all of them.

There's not that much difference, spiritually speaking, between me, a right wing crazy, or a Taliban insurgent. I've only dismissed one more "God" than they have.

Religion has no place in the public sphere of modern society. Believe whatever you want as long as you leave it at home, at church, at synagouge, at the mosque, or at a temple you built in the forest from racoon skulls and pine cones.

We all have the capacity of basic decent behavior towards our fellow man. We dont need mythological guidelines clouding the issue.

This post will immediately be going into the "Best Of" column, Tony.


Just for the record, our god's name is Mike. That's short for Michael. And no, Mike is no fucking archangel or any of that bulshyte. Mike is the creator of our universe, our planet, and the people who populate it. Mike paid us a visit about 2000 years ago, was unwelcome, and gave our planetary society an extremely bad review. Nothing that we have done, as a planetary population, has improved Mike’s view. If anything, it is much more severe now than then because this planet has abused the gift of Mike’s spirit and the lives of those who truly loved as Mike taught.

Mike didn’t come here to save us from our sins and definitely didn’t intend for anyone to set up a big PR operation about him that taught nothing useful for life and had nothing to offer anybody who joined up other than pain, poverty, and deliberate misdirection in the search for truth. After Mike left, Mike established his Spirit of Truth in every human mind to lead humanity towards the ideal relationship to god taught to his followers. Very few people have taken advantage of this ministry, although it exists in all our minds.

Meanwhile, Mike planned to bring final, correcting justice to the disgusting shit heap of human society. This involved quite a lot of preparation and the marshalling of vast universe resources to achieve a worldwide planetary correction by fiat, since little or nothing has been or could be accomplished through evolution. The same powers that enable Mike to commune directly with the mind of every human being who will try, also enable Mike to forcefully invade the mind of anyone who isn’t trying and compel a choice between communication or willful personality self-extermination.

Mike isn’t very much like the Jesus of Christian fantasy. Mike does not tolerate fools in any way at all. Anyone who claims to speak for god through hatred takes their eternal life into their own hands and is depersonalized the moment they utter a deliberate untruth. Such will never attain “heaven” nor would they want to if they understood anything about what it is like. To be transported there after a life opposing the spirit would be hell to them, and Mike doesn’t do hell.

You might also conclude Mike doesn’t accept confession made to proxies or made to get a “get out of hell free card” as offered by such mock “sacraments” as extreme unction. This is true because the “church” has completely failed to take up the challenge of bring truth to humanity and has no actual authority of any sort over anything and never did. When Jesus handed Peter the “keys of the kingdom” Peter dropped them in the pocket of his robe and promptly forgot about it all. And Paul never had much of anything to offer, no matter what he said.

The overdraft line in the mercy account has been exhausted for the people, societies, religions, governments, businesses, and all other human invented institutions that have ever or ever might oppress Mike’s human children, who are the meek and nobody else.

Why did it take so long for Mike to get started on this? Mike couldn’t do it before his visit to this planet because he didn’t have final authority over his own creation. The incarnation was the process to achieve this. Mike now has supreme authority to restructure his creation in any way he likes, subject to the need to preserve anything finally worthwhile that may have emerged up to this point. Between designing how to do this and waiting for final approval to correct a single big mistake Mike made here about a half-million years ago, the possibility of direct intervention only recently became available.

No, Mike is neither dead nor asleep. We are in the midst of the most incredible reconstruction of a planetary society that has ever occurred in Mike’s universe. The puling zombies of religion, government, and commerce who have conspired for millennia to deny rights to Mike’s children are dying before our eyes, their failing sanity visible every day. Mike does not hate these. They have chosen to commit spiritual suicide and have now passed far beyond the point of any redemption, in spite of receiving Mike’s unlimited love.

We who remain and truly and thoroughly love our fellows have inherited the earth. It only remains for us to take it back from the criminals who falsely claim ownership without any cause.

My heartfelt prayer has three components:
Mike, free people from fear so they can learn to truly love.
Mike, show us how to lead this planet into your fabulous new age.
Mike, show me how to serve your will, as your hands on earth.

Cheer up, Father Tony, it’s not over until the fat lady sings…and she’s just getting going.

Satan has deceived the whole world until the heel of time when a woman shall bruise him Gen 3:15 by exposing his lies and delivering the true word of God Rev 12 to the world to prepare a people for the Lord's return. Check out the exposing of Satan's lies at http://thegoodtale.blogspot.com/2010/04/no-hell-fire.html

Do not underestimate the life-giving power of words spoken in love. One never knows who needs to hear the truth we struggle to express, and so we continue to cry out, however imperfectly.

The tools of forgiveness, mercy and love will build the new kingdom as the empire crumbles, and God remains for those who seek.

Actually I appreciate what these churches did in a sense because it forced me to look at why I believed what I do. It lead me to finally take a critical look and to realize that what I believed in could not be supported by science or even fundamentalism reason. It brought me to being an athiest.

... and God, made comatose by the rabid marketing and blue light specialing of his attendants and custodians cannot speak in his own defense. God cannot fire these Pharisees as they colorize his immobile face with their make-up. God cannot protest because they have preserved him in Lucite.

You know, Father Tony, that had you written this passage in ancient Hebrew it could have been incorporated seemlessly into the Book of Isaiah. (Well, maybe we would have needed to embed God in amber rather than Lucite.)

God has many ways to speak, and one of them has always been to speak through humans. Are you sure that God has run out of prophets willing to speak up for him? Isn't that exactly what you are doing here? Father Tony, you are not the first prophet to discover that he is navigating a spiritual desert, where even the passing nomads who eagerly offer you drink will both knowingly and unknowingly hand you poisons.

I return again to one of my favorite subjects, the Stages of Faith. The Stage Two and Stage Three people are oblivious to God on his "deathbed" --- but God as he sits motionless knows that there are people, a courageous few but still counted in the millions, willing to grow into Stages Four, Five and even Six.

God is not comatose --- He is just meditating, His thoughts causing time and the cosmos to go 'round.

Although I don't see things exactly the way you do, Father Tony, I do agree with Bil that this was an absolutely superb post. Thank You for it.

Dear A.J.,
Thanks, and I'm glad our sight lines have crossed, albeit at the hospital bed of God.