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The Scariest Holloween Sight

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | October 31, 2010 7:00 PM | comments

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Seen in Tuxedo, New York tonight:

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Looks like the GetEQUAL wish will come true on November 2nd.

Congratulations. "Embarrassing, humiliating, and irritating Democrats" has been an exceptional idea. You should be very proud.

It must be time to give Robin an award and a raise.

Your comment is a non sequitur that is completely irrelevant to the point of the picture. That being said, let me explain where you have obviously misunderstood the point of GetEqual as well.

The GetEqual wish is not that Democrats lose in 2010. Far from it. The wish is that Democrats begin to understand that winning is achieved by accomplishing goals necessary to make people want to vote for them.

The reason some Dems are going to lose in 2010 is that they fumbled the ball when it came to jobs, the number one issue for many people in the electorate. It also doesn't help that the Dems alienated their progressive base by making big noise about immigrant rights, gay rights and union rights, and then getting little done about it.

The Democrats know the way to win is "60 votes" in the US Senate. Maybe you should teach GetEqual that simple math.

Embarrassing, heckling and humiliating Reid, Miller, Pelosi and Obama didn't help - it hurt us. Not only by damaging Democrats, but by making us look like ignorant, angry children.

So just keep still and don't raise questions -- is that your "solution", Andrew?

Have you just reduced GetEqual stunts to "raising questions?" Come on Jillian, you know we need to change minds and we need to get 60 votes for any political progress. We have to focus on results, not simply "attention."

We're not a secret anymore. Everybody knows about us, even conservatives (a few) are being supportive. The world has changed. The homosexual conversation has changed. Now, it's our turn.

Or, we can wait for the Courts, as Mykelb has suggested.

If Nov 2nd is a nightmare all it means is we'll have to dig in and fight harder nothing new really.I'm thinking about becoming a lobbyist but I'm not sure if I'm up to jumping through all the hurdles only to wind up wading in a cesspool.Are there any Trans lobbyist at the federal level?

The federal trans lobbyist that springs to mind is Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. Other groups also work on federal trans issues, including HRC, NCLR, the Task Force and Lambda Legal.

As far as being a lobbyist, the job entails near-inhuman patience, willingness to compromise, willingness to twist arms, and all of the other arts of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. I know I have no interest in it, but I thank goodness there are others who can do it.

How many votes in the US Senate has Mara Keisling changed?

None. Just like HRC. It's a waste of money.

The only option is to change Senators. LGBT-issues are based on "moral beliefs." They are immutable - unless you change the minds of their constituents. That's the only thing that has ever worked.

In the 41 years since the Stonewall riots, neither party has moved legislatively to end systemic homophobia and bias in our laws. We have had to have these horrendous restrictions in the law removed by shear force of suing the government to have them rendered unconstitutional. The institutional bigotry of American law and American society cannot be changed through the legislative process -- there are simply too many bigots in positions of power who hide behind the flag and the bible. These cowards of freedom do not deserve one ounce of my attention.

If anyone wants to make a real difference, get legal standing and start suing your local school boards, county boards, state government and federal government. We will only win in the courts.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. It's a midterm so polling isn't that accurate when it comes to people who are actually going to turn out. Lots of people say they'll vote, but....

I hope the sign in the photo is premature and can be filed away with the Newspaper headline "Dewey Wins" held up by Truman. This said, I do think it will take more than just electing new Congressmen, or Senators. It will take about every LGBT American to come forward without shame to tell their story to anyone who is willing to listen. Most people are reasonable, and not so caught up with the dialog from the "chick littles" of the world that would claim the sky is falling if LGBT Americans get the rights long denied to them. This said I also believe the actions of strikes, rallies, sit ins, and other protest is valid as well in that they draw people into the debate, many of which are not either aware of the lack of rights of the LGBT Americans or too busy to get concerned with the injustice of it all. Throwing money at things is just not going to get it done.