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Transgender student barred from running for homecoming queen

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Andy Moreno is awesome, standing up and fighting against one of the constant messages sent to LGBT students that there's something wrong with them. And the time the local news gave to this issue is impressive as well.

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Let's see if this case gets as much attention as the case with the trans boy high school student being homecoming king. (I'm asking that rhetorically because I know it won't).

Well, Oak actually won and then it was taken away from him. We're apparently going to have to wait for Monday to find out what happens with Andy.

Regan DuCasse | October 7, 2010 7:40 PM

Andy is gorgeous, and even showed some compassion for the principal and it being her first year.
This is a great kid. Who is showing more guts, as are her supportive peers, than the admin.

I'm glad she's got supportive family. As we know, this makes all the difference with successful outcomes in an LGBT teen's life.

Andy deserves to be queen, just for being so eloquent and brave.

That is some class, putting herself in the principal's shoes. I hope she doesn't lose it.

A few things really strike me about this story. I've got to say, overall I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the reporting. It wasn't too sensationalized and they did a pretty damn good job with her pronouns, which sadly isn't always a given with trans stories in the media.

I know that my own biases are showing here, but I was really taken with the fact that this story occurred in Texas. Yes, it sucks that the principal isn't letting her run for homecoming queen, but let's not loose sight of the fact that students in a Texas high school (granted in gay-friendly Dallas) nominated her in the first place. As a northern queer, this kinda shakes up my preconceived notions a bit.

Finally, I just want to add my agreement that she was very well spoken and showed real class with the way she showed compassion for the principal's position without compromising her own.

I have to wonder what would have transpired if the students had decided to accept the principal's suggestion and nominated Andy for the King. If she won I think the Principal would have been in another pickle since Andy would probably have chosen to attend the coronation as herself in a lovely dress.

@E. Winter, Texas has a long progressive history.

Ahem, and how could y'all forget that my hometown of Houston is being ably run by an openly lesbian mayor in Annise Parker and Dallas narrowly missed electing an openly gay male one?

Dallas has also had a well respected transwoman restaurant owner Monica Barros-Greene run for its city council.

Major cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso and increasingly Fort Worth are progressive

Sure, we have intolerant right wing jerks running the government right now, but Texas several years ago passed into majority-minority population stats, and that will probably be confirmed by the 2010 census.

Time is on our side, not the GW Bush worshiping idiots.

Why is it that what's between her legs is more important than what's between her ears? Her sex is not her gender, and if she wants to be queen, whose business is it what her genitalia looks like?

The only thing I was ticked off about in this article is that they said the principal was telling students to elect homecoming royalty by gender. If that was really the case, then Andy'd be allowed to be Homecoming Queen. Gender = identity, sex = genitals. It's not that difficult.

Other than that, I loved how they actually used the proper pronouns and how classy Andy was. I can only hope she keeps that up.

I don't want to sound like a bad person, and I am definitely happy for Andy. I think she's really classy like everyone else keeps mentioning, and super pretty. I'm glad she has the support of her classmates. But to be really honest, I can see where the school administration is coming from on this issue. I might do the same thing if I were in the principal's place.
I have nothing against the idea of exercising gender roles in this fashion, but in this particular case, it seems, at least in my opinion, that the tradition should be kept. Homecoming court in high school is meant to have equal representation from both male and female students, giving each sex a fair chance to run, and being realistic, we don't live in a society that's really mature about this sort of thing yet, so I'd be afraid that many students would vote for a male student simply for the novelty.
I'm not against Andy's decision, nor do I support that of the administration; however, I feel like the principal acted reasonably, and decided to share my thoughts about the situation.

Battybattybats | October 11, 2010 1:53 AM

Whats unfair to each sex having a fair chance to run if Transgender people are allowed to run under their true personal sex identity? How is it fair if they are not?

And being realistic the report shows that the student-body is a society that's really mature about this sort of thing right now already.

And what exactly is the harm if the students voted for a transgender person out of novelty anyways? Isn't it their choice how they vote and why they vote?

Doesn't the Transgender person deserve it just as much as any Cisgender person? Might the Transgender person deserve it even more than a Cisgender person?