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Video: Bill O'Reilly does something stupid (again)

Filed By Bil Browning | October 15, 2010 11:00 AM | comments

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Here's a shocker I'll bet you weren't expecting... Bill O'Reilly went on The View yesterday and said something stupid. I know, I know, you're stupefied and amazed, right? Surely not Bill O'Reilly; he's such a paragon of good taste and moderation.

Every time he appears on the show he does something patently offensive to some minority group or another. This time he insists that "Muslims" were responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center instead of terrorists who happened to be Muslim extremists. It so enrages the women that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off the set (only to return later). Even Carrie Prejean Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets in a good dose of stupidity by claiming Obama has banned the use of the word "terrorist."

Gee, I can't imagine that the women of The View would walk off the set in "outrage" over a guest's comments. That would just be a publicity stunt to get the show in the news again. Surely they wouldn't invite a far right wing mouthpiece on the show just to get people talking about it. Right?

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First off let me say that nothing makes me wonder about where my fellow Amercians are coming from mentally more than the fact FOX News, who employs O'Reilly, is the most viewed cable news network. That is with the possible exception of wondering how some of the other talking heads like Rush Limbaugh remain as popular as they are on the radio. In the light of this what more can be said in connection with Bill O'Reilly or for that matter Elizabeth Hasselbeck yesterday on "The View"? The fact is all these people in the broadcast media are living lives on a far different economic level than the average person, yet they generally claim to speak for us or at least try to make their ultra conservative positions generally more palatable to the average person. All this while they generally collect their upper six or seven or even in some cases eight figure per year salary. I know they do not speak for me, and I dare say for most who may read my comments here. Their purpose for being there is to garner ratings for their network or show first, and secondly in many cases to move the average person further to the right in how they think politically. While common sense would dictate the need to balance budgets in time, the social agenda these people are trying to sell us is something we should all be offended by. Until everyone is treated equally and fairly, the dream that is America will never be realized. I personally do not see that as happening following the talking heads like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hasselbeck or any of the others who try to wrap themselves in the flag calming to speak for "The Founding Fathers". They would have us repeal the many laws that were put in place by sweat and in some cases blood in the name of their Conservative views. None of them would have a "show" to collect those salaries from if they depended upon my viewing them.

Bill, excellent observation and one that I was trying to wrap my head around as well. You know what was also frustrating about the video, is that the audience never seems to know when to clap. I see this a lot in talk shows. They just clap because the person who made the remark sounds intelligent.

First off, they clap when O'Reilly basically shuts up Behar. What's applauding about that? Or are they clapping because she gave him rabbit ears? Not sure...

Second, when O'Reilly says, "%70 of Americans don't want that mosque down there," they applaud and then one or two applaud when he sayd, "Muslims killed us on 911." Ugh, that pains me just to type. Then the audience goes crazy when Behar and Goldberg go to walk off the stage. Doesn't that conflict slightly with the round of applause that was heard when O'Reilly said his 70% remark?

Then the audience kind of applauds when Walters corrects O'Reilly on his Muslim comment when that should have gotten a huge round of applause.

I find some of the clapping confusing and equally as demeaning as having O'Reilly on the show. I wish people would listen more to what's being said at these show tapings.

The applause is likely canned or the audience is told to clap when the applause sign comes on.

Good call! I've never heard of canned laughing before. I wonder what the real reaction was...