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A giant thanks: My 100th Bilerico post

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I'm ready for syndication. Maybe I'll hit WGN or maybe a late night slot on the new Oprah Winfrey Network. With this post I hit the magic number: 100. This is my 100th post at Bilerico Project.

100candles.jpgTwo years ago, I was a struggling and tired school teacher looking to find a new direction to my life, and becoming more and more vocal in the comments sections of queer blogs all over the web. I had left my life as an advocate and activist to try to make rural Illinois middle schoolers excited about literature, literacy and reading. I felt disconnected from the movement and frustrated with the rate of change.

I had become friends with a blogger named Bil whose blog, Bilerico, is the most dynamic conversation in the queer blogosphere. Points of view from the far left to the right, and up and down the ladder of issues, and levels of leadership and notoriety. I started to feel comfortable chatting with both contributors and Bil.

When Bil announced he was adding 3 new contributors, I jumped. I had a lot to say, and I really wanted to be a part of what Bilerico was doing.

Bil and his partner, Jerame, became great mentors, guiding me in what works in a blog posting, and what's just stupid. Sometimes he had to bring the hammer down when I got sloppy. Mostly, Bil helped encourage and empower me to really speak out and let my voice be heard.

Last winter, Bil helped coach me as I began pursuing my goal of creating a "Meet The Press" for the LGBT community - a smart, regular show that looks at the political strategies in the LGBT equality movement from all angles, bringing together for debate some of the great minds of our movement. Without Bil and Jerame's cheerleading, SameSexSunday would have never happened. After two false starts, Bil finally connected Joe Mirabella and me, and the show finally became a reality. Jerame guided us through the first few months of existence and helped us create a lot on the back-end that makes the show work.

100 posts later, I have to thank Bil and Jerame - my 'blogfathers' - for guiding me, and empowering me to use my voice and trust myself. Thanks to my two friends, I'm putting my talents to use for the good of the community and the equality movement, so while I'm very proud of myself for reaching this milestone, I must pause, for a moment, and give credit to Bil and Jerame for being a huge part of my story.

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!!!! Biggest wishes for 100 more.

You're doing great.

I appreciate your thoughtful commentary and your sincere willingness to discuss/debate important topics. It's rare these days. Very.

...and I got a friend out of the whole thing. Whoda knew?

Congratulations! Keep on going.....cause we want more.

Keep it up, and congs! Blog it up my friend blog it up!

I'm very proud of how you've grown over the past little bit, Phil. Your writing has matured nicely (except for those damn extra capital letters! LOL) and you've developed quite a fan base. Throwing in the podcast only helped your star rise further.

Here's to many more posts from you - and more discussion in the comments section that you spark.

But you don't look 100, Phil! That Oil of Olay must be doing the trick.


We love you and hope you'll be here for hundreds and thousands more.