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Andrew Shirvell has been fired

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They say the delay is because of the investigation into his cyber-stalking, and, in all fairness, it would be kind of douchey to fire someone without at least taking a couple of weeks to see what happened. I know most people don't get the benefit of an employer who wants to be sure before firing, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be this way:

andrew-shirvell.jpgMichigan Attorney General Mike Cox wrote in a statement released this afternoon that Shirvell "was fired for conduct unbecoming a state employee."

Cox wrote that Shirvell wasn't fired for exercising his First Amendment rights, but rather for "harassing conduct," among other reasons.

"The cumulative effects of his use of state resources, harassing conduct that is NOT protected by the First Amendment, and his lies during the disciplinary conference all demonstrate adequate evidence of conduct unbecoming a state employee," Cox wrote in the statement.

According to the press release, Shirvell went to Armstrong's house three times -- one of which was at 1:30 a.m.

"That incident is especially telling because it clearly was about harassing Mr. Armstrong, not engaging in free speech," Cox wrote.

So who wants to stand up to defend Shirvell? The right would be jumping all over this as an example of someone's free speech being trampled if Shirvell could do interviews without coming off completely creepy.

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Kathy Padilla | November 9, 2010 12:37 PM

"The cumulative effects of his use of state resources, harassing conduct that is NOT protected by the First Amendment, and his lies during the disciplinary conference all demonstrate adequate evidence of conduct unbecoming a state employee,"

I wonder if he'll keep his law license.

But - sure - some conjob think tank will give him a fellowship or folks will funnel legal work his way. Or perhaps his alma mater will give him a teaching gig - no surprise given its founder.

He'll be working at the Family Research Council or Focus on the Family in no time.

Beyond that, Armstrong had better proceed with that protective order. As the Bard said, "Hell hath no fury..." I have serious doubts about just how stable Shirvell really is. This could push him to do something really bad if he has to sit around unemployed for a while. I'm sure he'll displace the blame onto Armstrong.

*shivers* Shirvell is one creepy character and should be disbarred as well. I just hope he leaves any offending college students alone.

Btw, does anyone else think he looks a bit like a slightly chubbier Paul Reubens?

You cannot get the full effect of Andrew Shirvell until you see him on video. He comes across as somewhat arrogant about his views. He has no place working for a State Government Agency. I have heard his license to practice law in Michigan is up for a review by the Michigan Bar Association as well, so he may end up disbarred. Frankly the State of Michigan is slightly better off for no longer having him on the state payroll.

I think it is sad how long it takes to address issues such as this.I filed a complaint with my college three weeks ago about discriminatory issues there.While I mentioned many things in particular there is one severely obnoxious student that has made highly offensive comments openly in class and has disturbed more students then me.Within the last week he said that aids is gods punishment to gays and that all gays should get aids and die.He is still in class and still just as offensive.It is beginning to get real tempting to sue the college because of this as I'm losing my patience.The thing is I really don't want to. I'd rather they change their policies and take the steps to quickly deal with people like him.Should I sue or shouldn't I?

In the world of "the law", three weeks is nothing. The wheels of justice grind excruciatingly slow. I wouldn't expect anything for six weeks to two months.

If after two months they have not acted, and you want to push the matter, have an attorney write enquiring as to when they will be addressing your concerns. That usually gets their attention.

I'm sorry but I can't see why it would take up to two months for a college to deal with a large mouthed openly bigoted individual that has alienated many students including a 6 mos pregnant woman.The rest of what I complained about yes but him there's no acceptable excuse.A policy to deal with him swiftly should have been in place a long,long time ago.Also allowing people like him to skate for a long period only emboldens others to become more outspoken and openly prejudice like he is.It is a major failure of the schools administration.

Sharon Van Nest | November 10, 2010 5:37 AM

Amy, what your school is doing is simply wrong. What could be a quick expedient would be a writing campaign such as in Facebook asking for people to contact your school on your behalf. If there is a lot of contact with them about this issue it might be addressed in a more responsible manner. If that doesn't work then go to an attny and the media.

Shirvell strikes me as a loose canon. He seems like an unstable individual who is capable of murder. In 6 months I do not want him to be using the Twinkie Defence. What is being done to protect Chris Armstrong from his seemingly crazed stalker?


Now it's time to press prosecutors to go after him for stalking and for lawyers to sue him, the AG's office and the state.

Michigan has no money, after all anyone with half a brain and two dollars to rub together left Michigan already. Hopefully I am still stuck here because I do not have two dollars to rub together.

Then they can sell the NP to Canada.

And use the money to pay the fine and fund HIV/AIDS care and people on the NP will get better health care. Win, win.

Or maybe tax GM, Ford and Chrysler fairly... nah.

Why does a photo of Pee Wee Herman accompany this post?