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Andy Shirvell on The Daily Show

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 02, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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Andy Shirvell did The Daily Show. Is it just me, or does he sound pretty gay?

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Holy shit I never realized what a small man Andrew Shirvell was. He's tiny next to the dude from the Daily Show!

(This is not a value judgment on height. Or a setup for a penis joke.)

Gosh, can't a traditionally-minded 30-year old gentleman and legal professional start a blog all about a rather attractive college boy and seriously discuss that boy's sexual orientation without everyone jumping to conclusions?! Why... I think Mr. Shirvell sounds decidedly heterosexual and normal, manly even. Next you'll be suggesting the bachelor governor of Florida is some kind of closeted fairy.

Some people have no ethics and integrity. Dissent is one thing. Harassment and stalking is unacceptable.

Kathy Padilla | November 2, 2010 7:32 PM

You mean he's acting like a nine year old who's embarrassed about being attracted to someone & resorts to spitballs or hitting them out of his own discomfort?

Hmmm... But what gay man would wear such an I'll fitting suit? You can barely see the tips of his fingers. And really - someone would have to be extremely repressed and lived in some stiffling environments his entire life. Surely someone who completed a graduate program would have a broader experience base. I wonder what his Alma mater is - they must have some qualms over the perception of their product he's propagating around the globe.

It would almost be funny if it were not for the fact Shirvell was or perhaps still is an Assistant Attorney General for Michigan. The last I heard he was just suspended. There is little funny about a bigot particularly when that bigot is in a position of power in Government.

Yah, I think it occurred to pretty much everyone that this guy was acting like a 9th grader and that he has a crush on a college student. I'm glad The Daily Show chose to expose this guy and Jones' pointed comment at the end about wanting "them" to "try and take it down" (the website) was extremely gratifying. It troubles me that it takes a comedy show to do investigative journalism about homophobia and the abuse of power, but I'm glad someone is doing it.