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Comment of the Week: Amy Hunter

Filed By Bil Browning | November 05, 2010 9:30 AM | comments

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Austen Crowder's post, "3 Things You Can Do After the Election to Move Us Forward," commentofweek1.pnggot a comment from contributor Amy Hunter that's worth lifting up.

After a hellish couple of months and an even worse few, sleep deprived days of GOTV, the last thing I wanted to do early this morning was go talk to a Human Sexuality class at a local university. I muttered all the way there, spilled coffee on my skirt, couldn't find a parking spot, discovered RM 1310 no-longer existed as rm 1310, kicked myself for not putting the professor's cell in my blackberry and considered just-not-showing-up.

All that angst had dissolved within about 10 minutes of (finally) finding the lecture hall. The prof had prepped the class well, the students weren't to a person texting or sitting all the way in the back and there was only one one big, thick-necked guy who scowled at me with his arms crossed.

90 minutes of (mostly) having a conversation rather than talking at them and I felt better and was glad I went. The best part is afterward when usually, someone asks if they can give my contact info "to a friend". Sometimes they call, sometimes not, but I know how lonely I was. The very least I can do is make myself available.

You remind me- My sole purpose needn't be manifest by bugging people to vote, organizing voluteers, haggling with the union printer, or being publicly outraged at press conferences. Maybe, I'll start going to TransCend meetings again.

What are you doing to move us forward after these disastrous elections?

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Oh, you know, this and that. Hoping to keep on shouting at my computer and getting out and being a big ol' publicly visible gay.