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Daphne's mom gets scolded by psychologist on CNN

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 07, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Here's a psychologist saying that kids dressing as a girl means they might be gay and that it's a parents "worst nightmare" to have a gay child. Go cable news!

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Sean-Michael | November 7, 2010 11:12 AM

And it's that psychologists business why? I guess they didn't bother reading the actual blog post she wrote basically telling people he's her child, not theirs and to mind their own business. Freaking nosey gender nazi homophobes irritate the hell outa me.

Not to mention the fact that it a- could just mean the kid likes that one costume b- could mean the kid is transgender and just daring to express herself, c- could be a sign the kid is genderqueer or a future drag super star, or d- none of the above but the reactions sure are homophobic and gender specific!

When I was a kid I would try on my Dad's clothes and nobody freaked out too much. Most people think it's cute when "a little girl tries on her dad's clothes" but a little boy wears a "female" costume on halloween and they freak out. So sad that there are such restrictions on people. Maybe if we just let people be people, we'd have less stress and sickness in the world instead of building fear and shame into our children.

I didn't get that the psychologist was saying that having a gay/transgendered child was a parent's worst nightmare. I got that having your mom out you on the internet was the nightmare.

Kudos to the parents for supporting their child in this. Gay, straight, trans or martian, this sort of response can demonstrate to you child that being one gender or another is not a less than/greater than proposition. Having a negative reaction would teach your child that being a girl would be a bad thing. This parent's response helps bring equality to all.

Shame to the parents that reacted negatively to this simple act of childhood exploration and same to the CNN host that had to go to the "usual" assumption that gay or transgender boys are a product of missing or irresponsible masculine authority figures. Haven't we proved that gay parents don't make gay children, hetros do!