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Okay, Projectors. The polls have closed in some states and results are starting to trickle in. I've already put out my predictions on how tonight will end. Do you agree? Disagree?

Feel free to keep leaving results in the comments section too. I'm the only one doing "Results Watch 2010" so as0846tn.gifI'm happy for the help in keeping readers updated. I'll keep updating this post with the results as they come in until I fall asleep. *grins*

Now, let's just hope that my predictions are horribly wrong, all the polling was off-base, and the media were manufacturing a problem that's just not there. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Dems retain the majority. Oh, and let's all wish for a bajillion dollars while we're at it; that'd be nice too. And we'd have about the same chances!

My guess is that Ellsworth vs Coats for Senate from Indiana is the first race called of the night. Ellsworth will lose. I wonder why... Update: 15 minutes after I posted this, MSNBC has called the race for Coats. That didn't take long. God, I wish they'd listened to me, but since when has the Indiana state party listened to progressives instead of wallowing in the same morass of being the lesser-class conservative party? As these dominoes fall tonight, keep in mind that Senator Evan Bayh's classless resignation and handpicked selection of Ellsworth will have cost Dems a seat in the Senate, Ellsworth's old seat in the House, and a seat in the state house too. He has effectively done more to give Indiana to the Republicans than any Republican.

More updates after the jump.

Senate Results

  • Indiana - Brad Ellsworth (D) loses to Dan Coats (R)
  • Kentucky - Conway (D) loses to Rand Paul (R)
  • New Hampshire - Paul Hodes (D) loses to Kelly Ayotte (R)
  • Florida - Meeks (D) and Crist (I) lose to Rubio (R)
  • Delaware - O'Donnell (R) loses to Coons (D)
  • Connecticut - McMahon (R) loses to Blumenthal (D)
  • West Virginia - Raese (R) loses to Manchin (D)
  • Wisconsin - Russ Feingold (D) loses to Ron Johnson (R)
  • California - Carly Fiarino (R) loses to Barbara Boxer (D)
  • Illinois - Giannoulias (D) loses to Kirk (R)
  • Nevada - Sharon Angle (R) loses to Harry Reid (D)
  • Pennsylvania - Joe Sestak (D) loses to Pat Toomey (R)

So far Republicans are up 6 seats in the Senate.

House Races

  • Indiana - Baron Hill (D) loses to Todd Young (R)
  • Florida - Alan Grayson (D) loses to Webster (R)
  • Indiana - Jackie Walorski (R) loses to Joe Donnelly (D)
  • Massachusetts - Sean Bielat (R) loses to Barney Frank (D)
  • Colorado - Stephen Bailey (R) loses to Jared Polis (D)
  • Rhode Island - Loughlin (R) loses to Cicilline (D)
  • New Jersey - Sipprelle (R) loses to Holt (D)
  • Pennsylvania - Patrick Murphy (D) loses to Mike Fitzpatrick (R)
  • New Jersey - Potosnak (D) loses to Lance (R)
  • Wisconsin - Lee (R) loses to Baldwin (D)
  • Arizona - Hulburd (D) loses to Quayle (R)

So far Republicans are up 55 seats in the House.

Governor's Races

  • New Hampshire - Governor John Lynch (D) wins re-election.
  • New York - Carl Paladino (R) loses to Andrew Cuomo (D)
  • Massachusetts - Deval Patrick (D) wins re-election.
  • California - Whitman (R) loses to Brown (D)
  • Arizona - Governor Jan Brewer (R) wins re-election.

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I believe your probably right.

Unfortunate. The only good news I've heard is the win of Vice-Mayor Kim Gray of Lexington, Kentucky as winner in the Mayoral race. Hope we have more good news soon for the LGBT community.

Great news, Stone! (And how happy am I to see you on this thread? Gonna stick around and help me post results?)

GOProud proves it has no clue how to spend money in politics, as Barney is coasting to an easy win.

The organization really has nothing to show for itself on election night in what was clearly a Republican year.

Ok I can cover Indiana results so far, unless dramatic changes occur.

Dan Coats (R) US Senate

US House of Representatives

District 1 Mark Leyva (R)
District 2 Joe Donnelly (D)
District 3 Marlin Stutzman (R)
District 4 Todd Rokita (R)
District 5 Dan Burton (R)
District 6 Mike Pence (R)
District 7 Andre Carson (D)
District 8 Larry Bucshon (R)
District 9 Todd Young (R)

Your list is a little premature, T. The 1st doesn't have all the votes counted yet and Visclosky is ahead by quite a bit. I've not been following any other races in Indiana other than the Senate race, Hill (9) and Donnelly (2). The rest will stay in the same hands except Ellsworth's old seat. That was a given though - no competition.

I'm watching the official tally so far. A 2 to 1 lead in District 1. That's why I added my dramatic change statement. If I'm wrong I'll be happy to admit that.

Under Senate results, you misspelled New Hampshire "New Jersey". Paul's loss is bad enough, you don't need to get personal.

Fixed. Thanks Devin. Fast fingers syndrome there.

You want a *real* pick-me-up, Bil? Go to the New York Times website and read the Op-Ed piece by Bayh.

What a classless, arrogant sack of shit he is. I guess he must be getting ready to be a lobbyist or the next Republicrat governor of Indiana (honestly, I wish he'd just switch to the Repub party, it would be great riddance).

I guess at least now we have someone who honestly owns up to his anti-progressive views.

And of course, Burton, Bosma, and White won in landslides...

Saw that this morning and I have a response coming on this site. That was about one of the stupidest things I've ever read in my life. Fortunately Bayh didn't add to Indiana's brain drain when he went to DC!

You are quite correct Bil. Official updates are indeed slow tonight. Peter Visclosky (D) in District 1 is leading now by almost 2 to 1.

Here in Georgia the Dems have lost the 8th district and looking like they will lose the 2nd. The race for Govenor has not been called so that may still change over to the Dems.

Scratch the 2nd in Georgia the Dems now only have 4 districts out of 13 in the state.Govenor is still uncalled.

Republican win in my district, the TN-6. No shock there as Diane Black has been big in local politics. The guy I voted for only got about 400 votes.

Two Republican wins in Michigan so far confirmed:

Virg Bernero (D) loses to Ricky Snyder (R) for governor
Gary McDowell (D) loses to Dan Benishek (R) for district 1

Looks like Transgender Brittany M. Novotny
won't make it, tough year to run in OK

12 OF 22
SALLY KERN REP 2,445 65.30%


And it gets worse. In Iowa the Republicans elected their Governor and the three supreme court judges that legalized same sex marriage lost. So now we will probably loose that right in Iowa. Terry Brandstad(R) is going to put it up for a popular vote. Now marriage can be taken away in Iowa just like everywhere else it was voted on in this bigoted country.
AND why are we suffering all this loss in 2010? Some queers are unhappy because Obama hasn't repealed DADT. Boohoo! So they stayed home from the polls. Its like shooting your big toe because you didn't win the race.
Lets just give everything to the Republicans and see we will how many civil rights we gain. All I can say is we are really just plain stupid people.

No, we won't lose that right in Iowa. They can't undo history, only punish the UnGodly who ruled in accordance with the Constitution, not the Bible.

And they voted against a convention to change the constitution.


In New Hampshire, the Gay Marriage that was won by a deal that saw a unanimous vote to keep Trans people from being given the same rights as gays have had there for a decade...

There's now a veto-proof GOP majority in both houses, rather than a Democratic one, so SSM will be gone in NH in the first week.

I would like to declare 11/02/2010 as the Night of the Living Dead ... in commemoration of Harry Reid winning in Nevada.

Potential disaster in NH where GOP appears to have won veto-proof majorities in the state legislature and where some Repub leaders have pledged to reverse marriage equality (which was legislatively enacted).

The Second district race was called way to early by the press.As of now its Bishop ahead and he may hold on to his seat.

Sanford Bishop(i)(D) 85,443 51.4%
Mike Keown (R) 80,939 48.6%

By the time you read this, you will already know that the corrupt, homophobic, hateful Nathan Deal won the Governor spot. Republicans won all the top spots in the state.

When I heard this, the song by Animals came to mind, "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place."

Rick Sutton | November 3, 2010 6:41 AM

Carol: do you live in Indiana? If not, where?

Bil: If you think Evan Bayh's resignation was "classless," and his "hand-picked" candidate lost for that reason, you really are out of touch. This was a GOP tidal wave. I've seen a few tidal waves in my life.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio--all flipped. That's the definition of a political rustbelt tsunami. This was caused by a lot of things, but a classless resignation was not one of them.

Tidal waves and tsunamis usually reverse themselves in due course.

Evan Bayh was sick of the Senate. With Reid running it, I can't blame him. Pelosi ran the House well, and look what happened there.

It's your blog, and it's a good one, but, do me (and perhaps others) a favor: if you're going to snark about Indiana politics with this kind of regularity, move back or move on. You're sounding like a broken record. It's kinda dull. And inaccurate.

Rick, I live in Indianapolis, and have for the last 22 years. I have followed Evan Bayh throughout his career, so my opinions of him are well-grounded in my own experience, not hearsay (and I totally agree with everything Bil has said about him). I have never voted for him, just left that race blank (prolly would take a lobotomy to get me to vote Repub).

Even if the Dem candidate would have lost to Coats anyhow, the way that Bayh handled the whole situation was classless. Bayh relentlessly acts in his own self-interest, and then makes some whiny excuses for why he did what he did.

Yeah, it was bigger than Bayh's resignation, of course. There are lots of reasons the election went the way they did.

But Bayh didn't retire because Reid wasn't enough like Pelosi. Bayh is a rightwinger and Reid let him be who he was in ways Pelosi wouldn't have put up with.

Bayh most likely retired so that he could go into private industry and become a billionaire instead of a mere millionaire. Maybe he'll rear his head in politics again if we're unlucky.

I asked because, well, it was pertinent. You're a fellow Hoosier and entitled to your opinion. If my math is correct, you arrived in our fine state 1998, the year he ran for governor.

Classless is not a word I'd use. If you never voted for him, that tells me a lot. It is your right, of course. But kind of pointless.

If he decides to run for governor, he probably wins. Yeah, even against Pence. So you'll potentially have much more heartburn in the near future.

He was one of the best governors we've ever had, even though I, too, disagreed with some of his positions.

Personal disclaimer: he's been a friend for 36 years. So I doubt I'm real objective. Indiana voters have been resoundingly supportuive of him every time he's run for anything, going back to the first Sec. of State run in 1986. Republicans were so scared of his candidacy, they mounted a court challenge to his residency. Which was hilarious.

They wanted to shut him down then, because he was a game-changer...Democrats in Indiana were statewide bombs. I'd observe that the national GOP worked similarly for the last two years to shut down another transformational Democrat, President Obama. Their Just Say No philosophy, a huge political gamble in January 2009, was immensely successful yesterday.

The trouble witih transformational figures is, they move the landscape mightily. And in so doing, the landscape that changed for one side of the fence, also changed for the other side of the fence. Sometimes, sad to say, politicians aren't ready to take over the power they've been given.

Your math is wrong. Twenty-two years is 1988, not 1998. But yes, you are right that Bayh has been very successful as a politician in Indiana.

I would have to say that I would rather he were elected to *anything* than Pence, but that would be true for pretty much anyone who wasnt a right-wing religious fundamentalist.

Classless may not be a word you would use, but it is one I will. Oh, he is certainly polite and soft-spoken, not crude, but to me that makes it even worse when you sell out your constituents for the corporations and special interests, or take passive agressive approaches to things you aren't going to support rather than just taking a stand. He was basically a do-nothing Senator (and Governor), which Indiana likes, because most Hoosiers hate change.

Bayh didn't really do much to help President Obama, and he definitely isn't someone I think of as being 'transformational', except in moving from traditional Dem concerns and issues to business-focused ones. I do agree that progressives won't win in IN as a rule, so by becoing a Repub-lite he did manage to get a 'Dem' elected in IN, but like the other 'Blue Dogs', he is just a conservative with Dem registration.

Oh, and I kinda figured you had some close connection to him from your first response.

Good News for environmentalists: Prop 23 failed in California.

Rick Sutton | November 3, 2010 3:13 PM

Uh, Carol, honey, Evan Bayh was elected governor the first time, in 1988. My math is great. My typing was having a senior moment. My gray hair testifies to that timeframe, and your arrival in Indiana matches Evan's ascendency into GovLand.

So you had no earthly idea what we put up with before that time, which was 36 years of solid Republican rule.

We put up with, for instance:

A family doctor-turned-Governor, who busted the one-term limit, served eight years, and so completely effed up our property tax structure that it took over a generation to even figure out what he'd done. Hell we haven't figured it out yet, thus yesterday's referendum result.

A complete neglect of the higher education system. Ergo, no community colleges. Which we're now trying to supplant with Ivy Tech all over the damned place. As if the lack of nurse's aides (God love 'em), are exactly whaty ails our economy.

Another Republican gov who gave us a K-12 program called, mistakenly, "A-Plus." Which got an "F".

I could go on, but Evan's election was a rush of good will. He governed pretty well for eight years. He didn't fire enough leftover Republican Republican department heads for me, but I'm a take-no-prisoners kind of guy.

Wanna know what all that Republican timeframe was like? Think Mitch Daniels, on steroids, and triple the complete hate of public education.

And there ya go.

Mitch is one of the bastard step-children of that generation. There are more. Some of them got elected to Congress yesterday.

Newt would be so proud. But Newt burned bright like some stars do, then fizzled. Hoisted on his own pittard.

It'll happen. Don't know when, but they'll crap in their mess kits. The modern-day GOP is more patrician-bred than it cares to admit. It's in their DNA.

"Uh, Carol, honey, Evan Bayh was elected governor the first time, in 1988. My math is great. My typing was having a senior moment."

Well, I kinda figured you were into senior moments by your tone tone toward me ('honey'...or are you a an old queen?) and all the talk about 'back in the day'. You are right, I don't know about those things, and don't really care. Whatever changes Bayh made before my time here is pretty irrelevant to me, not being his buddy. I am more interested in what he is doing now, and to me it sucks.

Oh, and I felt he sucked as governor. Really, I don't remember him being that much different from My Bitch Mitch, privatizing just hadn't occurred to the pro-business pols at that time.

I have to admit, though, I am glad Bayh didn't institute Daylight Saving Time. I hate that shit.

The new Governor elect of Florida - Republican Rick Scott would not answer questions about how he feels about homosexuality .

Should Gays in Florida have reason for concern?

Hi Monica yeah I know Deal is in and Bishop barely held on to claim a late win.So out of 13 disticts the Democrats held on to 5 funny the 3 around Atlanta and the 2nd and the 12 both more rural than city type of disticts. So for all practical purposes the Democrats in Gerogia are dead on a state wide level not sure the final numbers in the state legilature or state senate.

On the national level its time to see what happens with this new divided govenment we have ENDA DOMA are dead for sure maybe DADT may be sent packing but that looks doubtfull unless the Surpreme Court takes it up.