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"In Anita's Wake: The Irrational War on Florida's Gay Families" Updated.

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Now that Florida's hateful prohibition of gay adoption has been defeated, Vicki Nantz has updated her extremely fine documentary "In Anita's Wake: The Irrational War on Gay Families," originally released earlier this year.219_anita-festival-pic.jpg

This accurate and well-balanced documentary is a meticulous look-back at the hysteria of the 1977 homophobic crusade of Anita Bryant. It is the best record available of that unfortunate piece of our history.

It took 33 years to undo Anita's damage, and sometimes I still wonder what is in Florida's drinking water.

Sometimes, unless we watch a film like this, we forget where we have been and we forget the need for LGBT vigilance. (The Bilerico crowd is not typical in that regard. I suspect that we are much more vociferous and activist-motivated than a good 95% of the LGBT community.)

Looking for a gift for your sleepy LGBT friends or for your straight friends and family who may not know the full and horrendous impact of that Florida orange juice lady?

This would be a great choice. Here's the trailer:

Vicki Nantz, a graduate of Florida State University, spent two decades in broadcast and cable television where she produced and directed hundreds of hours of talk shows, documentaries, newscasts, live remotes, commercials and special projects, many of which featured famous and infamous people. Now Vicki only produces documentaries and films about real people and important subjects that matter to her.

For more info about Vicki's work, visit www.vickinantzfilms.com

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It's easy to forget the old days. But there are many places in the world where it still is the old days. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Jesse Monteagudo | November 11, 2010 2:09 PM

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but Florida's newly-elected Governor Rick Scott and Florida's newly-elected Attorney General Pam Bondi have both expressed their wish to maintain the Sunshine State's ban on gay adoptions. There is always the possibility that Scott and/or Bondi might try to resurrect the law, once they take office.

Hi Jesse,
I was aware of what the new Gov and AG have said, but I thought not to mention it, figuring that this is not the moment for an effective call to action. We need to be watchful so that if and when they move in that direction, we can act.