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My Top 5 LGBT Videos

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YouTube is one of my favorite social media platforms. Its ability to allow users to create and upload any video they want, create and manage their own YouTube channels, and share their favorite clips with their friends is the perfect example of a simple concept that caught on and went viral.

Since the upload of the first-ever user-created video on April 23, 2005, YouTube has become the largest video sharing community, making it one of the strongest platforms in the social media space.

Check out the first ever YouTube clip.

According to recent data, YouTube videos receive over 2 billion views a day, which is nearly double that of the prime-time audiences of NBC, ABC and CBS. Every minute, about 24 hours of YouTube footage is uploaded to the site and the average person spends approximately 15 minutes a day sifting through content.

Check out my top 5 LGBT videos after the jump.

My Top 5 LGBT YouTube Videos

Sadly, there is limited research data available about how the LGBT community consumes and uses social media. Perhaps one day this will change. However, a recent study by Harris Interactive, which I covered in a previous post, shows that the gay and lesbian community is more active on social media sites than our heterosexual counterparts. Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn were covered in this study but not YouTube.

Even though we don't know how many people in the community create or consume YouTube videos yet, we do know that it is a powerful tool to deliver our messages.

Could YouTube become the next social media platform that is proven to be used more by the lesbian and gay community than our heterosexual counterparts?! Quite possibly, but while we wait, I've compiled a list of my top five YouTube videos

1. Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker created this poignant film where he walked around his community in Colorado and asked people, "When did you choose to become straight?"

2. I can't get enough of this one. Joel Burns takes time out of a City Council meeting in Texas to address the LGBT suicides and bullying. Grab your tissues because you'll need them for this one.

3. Erin aka "Grishno" shares her story via YouTube and her site to connect with like-minded, transgendered individuals. I also encourage you to check out her YouTube channel, My Transgender Life.

4. Even though gay marriage didn't pass, New York State Senator Diane Savino's speech remains one of the most powerful.

5. Protests and rallies - I'm sure many of us have been to one. Here's a fun video that looks at some of the signs.

There you have it, my top 5 LGBT YouTube videos! Because there's so much video content uploaded on to YouTube daily, I know there's a ton more.

I encourage you to take a moment and share your top YouTube videos in the comment section below.

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I can't believe I'm the first to comment! There are so many great videos out there. Well, here's my choice:


Actually, anything by Philip Huang could be my favorite. Love him.

"There's a reason why the moon never shows its backside."

I'd never seen the first YouTube video before. That was awesome.