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No DADT discharges for a month

Filed By Bil Browning | November 23, 2010 11:30 AM | comments

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According to the Pentagon, they haven't discharged anyone under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy since October 21. Multiple sources have said that's a first since the policy began. While that's good news, pts.jpgSLDN brings us back to earth:

A month without "don't ask, don't tell" discharges was welcome news, said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. Still, the organization continues to hear daily from military personnel who are under investigation for being gay and face the possibility of being fired.

"We have clients who are still under investigation, who are still having to respond, and in fact we have a client under investigation right now under suicide watch," Sarvis said. "So 'don't ask, don't tell' has not gone away."

The guy who was the first person discharged under DADT has used that distinction to help agitate for repeal of the policy. Can you imagine being the last person discharged? If I was the one cut loose on October 21, I'd be pissed as can be that a paperwork snafu didn't delay the process by one more day. Wouldn't you?

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There is some slight movement on DADT and the drop in discharges reflects that.

What explains this turn by the Pentagon and their toady in the WH?

Obama and the Pentagon are going to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely (that is to say until they get kicked out). Causalities are up and going to continue rising. They need cannon fodder. The brass remember Vietnam and they'll do anything to avoid a draft.

Secondly voters in the recent election clobbered the Democrats. They saw 30 million former Obama v voters, many of them LGBT voters abandon them in disgust because of their endless betrayals. They'll need our votes to prevent a repetition of that in 2012.

Cannon fodder + votes = attempts to repeal DADT.

But the truth is that repeal of DADT will not end the tyranny and bigotry of the christer military brass and will lead to more dead and maimed GLBT soldiers, sailors, air crew and marines. We lose no matter what they do.

Will they end DADT? Maybe, but they'll have to get around the Democrat and Republican bigots who infest Congress. Republicans are crowing about the elections and Democrats are doing what they do best - cowering. It's a crap shoot in a game we can't win.

Bill I understand your point and opinion on this but the bottom line is we should have right to choose this job if we want it. No one else has to agree about war. I hate war too but it is beyond our control. That to me does not argue against the injustice of DADT!

Murdering people (or being an accessory to murder) is not a job. It's just murdering people. It makes Chevron and Haliburton rich and wastes the lives of tens of thousands of GIs and hundreds of thousands of civilians from Palestine to Pakistan.

It has nothing to do with the security of American working people and everything to do with the profits of the rich. Total responsibility for the deaths of GIs and civilians since the inauguration rests with Obama and the Congress.

War is not beyond our control. The US government ended its invasion and occupation of Vietnam in 1975 by getting their ass handed to them on a silver platter by a combination of Vietnamese resistance and the enormous power of the civilian and GI antiwar movements.

The choices for Nixon and the Pentagon were stark. Withdraw, use nukes or face mass mutiny. Those are the choices Obama or his successor will face.

Well, people wanted the white house to stop the discharges before DADT was formally ended by congress. So there we go. I'm guessing no one's going to cheer when what they really wanted was a stop-loss order.

Won't be long now and we'll all know if DADT is going to be repealed or not.I'm leaning towards repealed but I don't want to get my hopes up.One thing I don't understand is why they use the word fired in the comment.Being fired is a much nicer event then being discharged for anything less than service connected injury or end of contract.Thats why the soldier is probably on suicide watch.Even being discharged honorably I had to put with a certain amount of crap because I refused to reenlist.When someone is discharged early they have to go through a process and believe me it is not a quick or pleasant one.Being fired is usually instantaneous you get to go right home.Sucks you lost your job but still far less worse than the discharge process.