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Police chaplains quit to protest co-worker's sexuality

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A lesbian minister joined the volunteer police department chaplain group and six other chaplains quit in protest. It shows what happens when a gay person enters the intersection of two decidedly worlds filled with anti-gay people:

KusalaGGPD1.jpgThe chaplain said those who departed felt they had no choice but to leave because of their churches' teachings about homosexuality.

"It's very difficult," said the chaplain, who spoke to the Observer on the condition of anonymity. "All the chaplains have really developed relationships with the police officers on the beat. Relationships that have been built over the years have stopped."

In a letter to all the chaplains, CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe expressed disappointment that some members decided to leave the program.

"I respect the decisions and convictions of those who have decided to resign, as I would never ask anyone to compromise their beliefs," he said.

"But I do hope that those of us who remain ... continue to embrace our goal of being an inclusive organization that respects the differences of all of our employees."

If six chaplains were so homophobic that they couldn't even work in the same program as someone who was gay, who know what they were telling homophobic, gay, or straight-not-narrow police officers. It's better for the city of Charlotte if they're gone.

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I wish more of these "Christians" would resign and keep to themselves. The rest of the world is growing up and it's okay to leave some behind.

I agree, better they are gone. Especially when one considers these chaplains have shown themselves to be closed to the many different religious doctrines in their city.

I bet there will be plenty of open minded volunteer chaplains to replace the resigned.

And good for the woman chaplain who handled it well and stayed on.

Paul in Canada | November 8, 2010 2:51 PM

There was nothing Christian about those 6 who resigned.

I think that this type of "conscientious objection by resignation" will be a short lived phenomena for a couple of reasons. Chaplains are going to find themselves with more and more limited job prospects as employers refuse to fire openly gay employees to avoid costly litigation, and secondly because the more prejudiced denominations will find themselves edged out by more progressively theological denominations in those jobs- they won't want to miss out on the oportunity to convert more people to their cause.

The police doesn't need and shouldn't have chaplains in the first place. Good riddance.

california panda | November 8, 2010 8:07 PM

Let's hope that on their next job application they add the line "Homophobic! Will not work with gay or presumed gay individuals." One can only hope they are honest enough to admit it. Although I'm sure the Phelps clan would welcome them to their "crusade".

I realize there is a history of police chaplains but why are they needed? today I would hope police forces have counselors. If a police officer or victim feels they need spiritual guidance they should be capable of seeking it out themselves.The fact that six chaplains quit points to the larger problem of religion injecting it's views in ways that shouldn't be welcome.

Because Jeebus gave up when confronted with difficulties too. That's what I learned in Sunday School!