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Reader E-mail: We're right wing bloggers

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From the inbox in reference to Alex's post last week about Susan Sarandon's defense of the word "tranny"grandpa-simpson_0c5fd.jpg:

From: Carol
Message: Wake up boys and girls. Political correctness is censorship and not at all a liberal position. Please acknowledge that you are right wing bloggers!

Well, Carol, I'd hardly say we're "right wing bloggers." In fact, our general reputation is for being too far left. Let's play a word association game, shall we? "Political correctness is to tact what censorship is to..."

Since I'm still getting motivated after a long and hard weekend, I'll let Projectors school Carol on the differences between choosing language carefully and censorship.

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Political correctness isn't censorship, it's etiquette. There are simply times when you can't say "shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits." No one wonders why it's rude to say those words because the reason is really old....and truly archaic.

Shit is Germanic and defecate is Latin. Piss is Germanic and urinate is Latin. Germanic English was spoken by the lower class.

I may question the motive, but being able to say tranny without sounding like an ass is not really worth defending.

What's annoying though is that I have Riot Grrrl music that uses the word out of affection. And where trans people draw the line on who can say it is going to reset the division and another wave of feminism gets stamped as transphobic instead of being progressive for their time. Like hey, who wants to take a whack at a feminist that wasn't talking like 2010 back in 2000 or 1990 and then strive to completely erase her existence by getting blogs to stop referring to her forever. Now that is censorship.

You aren't exactly rightwingers but you are largely clueless and aggressively so.

Regarding the word "tranny" never was a pejorative until suddenly a bunch of TGs decided it was. What it was is a term that started life among two different groups, drag queens and transsexuals. It's meaning was thus in context. It is a part of trans history in that many significant organizations and efforts were proudly proclaimed "tranny" right in their names. Ticked off Trannys with Knives is a drag queen movie, the use of tranny in that context is totally appropriate as tranny was and remains a widely used internal term in those circles. The Glee usage was appropriate and not a pejorative either. Sane adults can figure this out.

"Men" is a pejorative when used in exasperation by a woman, "Christian" can be a pejorative used by a Pagan fed up with their antics. Lets be completely PC then and ban the use of both these words in "polite" society as well.

GLAAD continues to insult women of trans history without any acknowledgment of the objections by insisting "transgender" is the proper term which demeans the womanhood of those with female bodies and who live womans lives. As far as I'm concerned they are thus a hate group.

I'm seriously thinking about starting TADS, Tranny Anti Defamation Society and naming GLAAD as the first bigoted target.

Hey Radical, this post kicks ass.
Excellent analogy with "men".
I'm onboard the idea of TADS. Who needs GLAAD to tell me what people can call me.

Anyone who even uses the term "political correctness" gets thrown on my kind-of-a-jerk list. Much as I hate tranny (when used by non-trans women or drag queens or for 'humor' or derision) I surly hate the term "political correctness" even more. And yes, I'm calling you Shirley, except for Radical Bitch, who I'm calling tranny.