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Stay has been Extended on Injunction on DADT Discharges

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First, SU's statement:

9circuitpencil.png"It is really unfortunate that the government has tricked the Ninth Circuit into believing that 'enormous consequences,' 'immediate harm,' and 'irreparable injury' will result from a continuation of the injunction," said Alexander Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United and the only named veteran plaintiff in the case. "By the government's own admission elsewhere, none of these predicted consequences or injuries have come to pass while the law has been enjoined, and the Defense Department has even voluntarily created a de facto moratorium on discharges by further increasing the level of discharge authority. It is concerning that the government can so blatantly pull one over on an appeals court, and it is equally frustrating that such a distinguished court would allow itself to be fooled so obviously and so publicly in the name of 'deference.' Abdication is more like it."

There's really not much to add to that. It sucks, it was expected, and it gives us all the more reason to focus on Congress going into the lame-duck. Which means tomorrow.

Get through elections today, weep at the losses both in the 9th Circuit and in Congress tonight, and get it all out of your system, because we have to be ready to go - strategically - balls-to-the-wall ape shit in less than 24 hours.

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Interesting how no incidents were reported and most soldiers just don't care. A majority of Americans want the policy reformed and they still fight it.

It's time to step up our demands for equality. We have always been here. Lets no longer hide in the dark and be forced into molds of shame. It gets better when we make it better!

Oh, because demanding was so effective this year?

We need to be smarter, not louder. We need to think, not make useless calls or emails. We need a real strategy to win, not just to keep advocates and activists in business.

Andrew I believe multiple efforts need to be used not just being loud. One of the most important being withdrawing our venom from each other and unite as one group, not a divided bunch of groups.

Education is very important and so is getting straight allies. It needs stop being labeled Gay Rights and realized its Human rights!

Each one of those "multiple efforts" has to be held accountable. They need to be shown to be effective. We continue to use many tactics and methods that are completely ineffective, like contacting a Senator.

Now that Republicans are back in a position where it will hurt I say we call them out on their anti gay rhetoric head on without mercy and let the chips fall where they may.Also it is time to take on the churches.Lets start in Iowa with the 21 churches that stated they would violate election law and tell their parishioners how to vote.It is time for the LGBT to get over its fear of holding religious institutions accountable for their conduct by suing them.How many lives are we going to let get lost by murder and suicide before we say enough? Aren't you sick of the Catholic Church passing it's pedophile priest problem onto the gay community? Of Baptist who seem only to focus on homosexual sex as a sin and blame it for the failure of marriages? It's time for the LGBT community to grow a pair and learn how to throw a punch instead of sitting there taking most of the hits.

After last night we have lost two more LGBT-supportive US Senators immediately and we'll lose another three or four when the new Senators are sworn in.

We now have only 53 LGBT-supportive US Senators. Not 60. Please don't go "balls-to-the-wall ape shit" and waste your time with useless actions.

We need to figure out how to get 60 votes. None of the current or new Senators are going to change their minds, so we need to focus on 2012.

Andrew you change Senators minds by building public support.If we are incapable of facing the Republican Party and their anti gay rhetoric head on we will continue to be denied our rightful benefits of American citizenship.

I agree we need to build "public support." That means we engage with the public, instead of wasting time with emails, calls and protests.

No US Senator is going to change their minds about us because of emails, calls and protests - they need polling data.