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Target Lost

Filed By Joe Mirabella | November 05, 2010 10:30 AM | comments

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When Target contributed $150,000 to conservative anti-gay Minnesota Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer, they quickly became a target of a boycott from the LGBT community and progressives.

target_blank.jpgMore importantly their $150,000 bought millions of negative impressions on social networks, and even more clicks to negative stories on every major news outlet in the United States. Their $150,000 tarnished a well crafted image that cost Target their trendy cutting edge image that young urban people loved.

Target also bought a losing candidate. Tom Emmer lost on Tuesday by about 10,000 votes. He was the first Republican to lose the Governor's seat to a DFL candidate in Minnesota in 24 years.

Will Target's stupid move stop other companies from contributing to campaigns in the future? No way. They will just be sneakier about it.

UPDATE: A recount is underway in Minnesota, however it is very unlikely that Emmer will overcome the gap.

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Just to be pedantic, we don't know that Emmer lost yet, it was so close that the state is doing a recount.

Well Emmer may demand a recount, but he still lost. Here is the latest count from Minnesota.

Remember Gold's Gym! Their CEO donated $2,000,000 to Karl Rove's political groups -- and Gold's has a ton of gay clients. The boycott of Gold's needs a lot more publicity.

Target may have lost this campaign, but who else did MN Forward run ads for?

Plus, even if Emmer lost, those ads were plenty ideological, selling the whole "we need to cut social spending to balance the budget and make the economy grow" myth. They still had an effect.

Lee sonoflaw | November 7, 2010 12:05 AM

We Democrats and Progressives are focusing on the wrong Target… AGAIN. (pun intended)
The issue should NOT be the money Target or Best Buy gave to anti-gay candidates. The problem is that the Supreme Court now allows any business to give unlimited amounts of money to any political campaign. The wealthy will always give money to people who promise to protect their rights and prerogatives, not ours. And we will never be able to win the money contest.

Fact: The top 2% wealthiest families in the U.S. control more than 50% of the total wealth of the U.S. (unbelievable but true)
Fact: The wealthy overwhelmingly contribute money to Republicans to increase and protect their personal wealth. They maneuver relentlessly to reduce their contributions to the general welfare of the American public. They hire thousands of accountants and attorneys so they can under-report their taxable income.
Fact: Approximately 35% of registered voters call themselves Democrats (Progressives).
Fact: Democrats more often fall below the median national income.
Fact: Democrats on average use more of their personal income to cover day-to-day expenses and therefore have less money available to contribute.
Fact: The poor regularly contribute a higher portion of their income to charities than the wealthy.
Conclusion: Democrats can never out contribute or out spend the wealthy in America who are only interested in and protecting increasing their own wealth.

Lets focus on the real problems and develop real solutions.

Since moving to DC I've been amazed at how few people - including LGBT leaders- are actually boycotting Target. This is why I say boycotts never work any more. Did they learn their lesson? No. People still shop there just as much so there was no bottom line impact.