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Then again, if the movie was about a decorator they'd ask the same thing

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I actually thought the Jack Sparrow was pretty heterosexual in the movies, but then I don't work for Disney:

jack-sparrow3230.jpgJohnny Depp's flamboyant portrayal of Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" was good enough for an Oscar nomination, but the actor says Disney was less than thrilled.

Depp talked about it in an interview with rocker Patti Smith for the January edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Depp said Disney "couldn't stand" his Sparrow and one person there even asked if Sparrow was gay. Depp told the Disney executive "all my characters are gay," and he said that "really made her nervous."

I doubt their target audience was thinking that Sparrow was gay or supposed to be gay or anything like that. Heck, he didn't even get the attention of Jerry Falwell, who was alive back then, who thought everyone was gay.

But that's Hollywood, especially the corporate, "family" side of Hollywood: they beat Jerry Falwell at his own silly game.

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Wait. You didn't think Captain Jack was gay? Good Lord, Alex, you need to spend more time around gay people. *grins*

No, seriously though - it was all the talk at the time. I thought he was gay.

Ok Ok. Whatever. Most of the gay people I know aren't pirates so I really don't know how to compare the gay pirates to the straight ones.

Regan DuCasse | November 30, 2010 6:04 PM


Look at the PERIOD this takes place in. Those long frock coats in brocade. Feather trim on the tricorns. Lace cravats and powdered curly wigs!
Hee ever see how little baby boys were dressed for the family portraits in long, white christening dresses.
I thought Jack Sparrow EPITOMIZED the effetes of the time, only uproariously. He NAILED it.
I laughed my ass off and knew it was an Oscar worthy performance from the git.

Sparrow? Gay? Oh My No! He was obviously very promiscuous and frequently slapped by ladies in every port he had visited but definitely not gay. Please don't soil my dreams of sailing away in a skiff with Jack and a barrel of rum to some lovely deserted Caribbean island for an extended romance under coconut trees. :)

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | December 1, 2010 12:41 AM

"Captain Jack will get you high tonight,
And take you to you're special island.
Captain Jack will get you by tonight.
Just a little push and you'll be smiling."
--Billy Joel, "Captain Jack," from the album "The Nylon Curtain"

It's not impossible the Disney exec raising concern about Jack Sparrow's possible gayness was gay himself. Just like Jewish execs in Hollywood didn't like anyone too "Jew looking" in their films. It's the "we don't want anyone to notice we're here" syndrome.

Didn't Depp model Sparrow on Keith Richards? Who made a cameo appearance in POTC 2/3?

More than anything, the character challenges notions of masculinity. Which is the problem most people have with gays...

Which is to say: maybe he's not gay, just British.

Wolfgang E. B. Wolfgang E. B. | December 1, 2010 12:46 AM

Sparrow never struck me as gay--Maybe a little bi-curious, but that's all.

I doubt he would identify as gay. He'd probably fuck anything. I can see it now, but it didn't occur to me during the movie. Then again, I have awful gaydar.

I would have gone with omnisexual or pansexual, yes. I would love to see Captain Jack Harkness meet Captain Jack Sparrow. But the world would likely end at that point since they would ruin sex for every other sentient being ever; once perfection is attained, everything else is just a copy!

I love Depp's response. However, Sparrow has never been one of those characters that I always made gay in my head. Dr. Nicolas Rush on Stargate Universe however...I actually got a little angry when they introduced a female love interest for him.

No one is pointing out the obvious. He dresses flamboyantly, has long hair, wears makeup, gaudy jewelry and earrings. He's a straight drag queen. (giggle) He has already played a straight crossdresser, Ed Wood, so he's got that down rather well.

gay or straight he's not for me. | December 1, 2010 8:18 AM

i prefer captain jack harkness myself
if you dont know who i mean...
youtube "jack and ianto kiss"

Regan DuCasse | December 1, 2010 5:02 PM

Cpt. Jack Harkness...oh. MY!

I couldn't get enough of him, or the episode of Torchwood that introduced the handsome pilot he fell for.
What a ROMANTIC episode!

Hotness in a long trench coat!

Damn that show broke my heart!

i loved that episode too

theres rumours of a series 4, and some more dr.who appearences
*crosses fingers*

Jack Sparrow was gay?
I thought Sparrow was a lesbian?