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This week: The new 'Alex'

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Managing Editor Alex Blaze is flying back to the States on Monday to visit family and friends; he'll be in New York, Indianapolis and DC over the next few weeks. We're going to have a meetup while he's in DC, but if you'd like to have one in New York or Indy, let us know and we'll put something together.

10-16-2007.ngl_16carey.GDJ28MKPH.1.jpgWhenever I leave for an extended period, we name a new 'Bilerico' to carry on in my absence with regular posts that set the general tone for the site that week. Alex, however, is the second in command and you know what that means - he always gets overlooked even though he's the guy who makes the trains run on time and writes two or three posts a day.

To help fill all of Alex's normal posts, contributor Mark King has graciously stepped up and volunteered to be "the new Alex" for this week. You know and love Mark - as is readily visible from his posts' statistics. (He's one of our contributors who is most shared on Facebook!)

What can you expect while Alex's snark is missing? Mark will be stretching his boundaries a bit and stepping outside of his normal gripping personal stories to include some timely news-oriented posts and, of course, some sexy stuff too. (Hey, it IS Bilerico!)

Do me a favor though - don't tell Mark that this will be work and he won't win a car. Let's just keep that our little secret.

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I've been beside myself with anticipation, Bil! What a treat to get out of my usual "earnest guy who writes about HIV" groove, and get jiggy with it. Or something.

And just considering what "sexy" topics I'll be covering has made my weekend a lot more interesting.

See you guys tomorrow!

Ooo! Something should be done in Indy. I'd love to meet Alex! XD

We should we should. Email me and we'll work something out.

New York! New York! New York! I wanna finally meet you guys!

I'm up for a meet-up in NYC or Brooklyn! Would love to meet one of the brains behind all the awesome Glee posts...and who makes sure my posts are a-ok before going live to the world :)

I'm up for it! I'm about an hour out of Manhattan or Brooklyn and could make either one. Let's see if we can get something together!

Oh and by the way, just for the record, I'm back. I've been involved with dealing with some personal issues these last few months and so not posting more than an occasional comment now and then, but expect new stuff coming from me very tomorrow or Wednesday.

It's been a rough fall on a personal level, but it's time to get back to doing what I do.

Darn. I would so love to have organized a meet-up for Alex in NYC but tomorrow I fly south for the winter.

I'm delighted that Mark is honchoing and am proud to take credit for bringing him into the Bilerican family.

You're absolutely right, Tony. YOU are to blame for bringing me to Bilerico. ;] You may eat those words once you notice how many people I've pissed off on Day One.

But I do appreciate you bringing us back on topic: me!

Indy! I'd love to meet Alex and see Bil again :-)

Meet and greet in DC..that might be an interesting one to attend. Keep us MD/DC/VA folks posted.