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Yael: Comment of the Week

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This cracked my shit up. Not only is this commenter homophobic, but he's an idiot too. This was left on my post, "First all Israeli gay porn movie" - Gay_Men_of_Israel.jpga porn flick directed by Michael Lucas not George Lucas of Star Wars fame.

now i can definately say " go fuck urself Lucas Films, Star Wars and
everyone who made this crap !!!!"
u shud hav made a gay movie about some other country with all the
gayness around the world - u chose the holiest country of all????
u r a pig !
wot about all the gays in europe??
wot about all the gays in america??
i am so disappointed in u - u r truly disgusting and im selling my Star
Wars trilogy while u assholes can all go fuk urselves !!
it is ur mentality that destroys - u r obviously workin for the UN !

Somehow I doubt Michael Lucas is getting paid by the United Nations to produce porn.

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Nice and timely, too. I wonder what lengths he had to go to to dig up a post about gay porn from July. So obviously it holds no interest for him whatsoever.

But think of the special effects it would have if it was directed by George Lucas!

I'm not sure I want SFX in my SEX. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks porn is best au naturel rather than au numérique. Of course, Michael Lucas' porn definitely tends to lean towards the latter category anyway.

Manny Espinola | November 29, 2010 8:58 AM

Substitute "Men of Israel" with "Trouble in the Korean Peninsula" and the idiot's George Lucas comment with "We should support our allies in NORTH Korea" and what you've got is that more famous moron whose nerve tract between her mouth and her brain was severed on her way out of her mother's womb.

gregorybrown | November 29, 2010 9:34 AM

I don't know...The UN might be putting up money for Lucas's fart porn, sneaking it into the tent with whatever agencies deal with environmental pollution.

I DO live in dread of 3D porn.