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Comment of the Week: amym440

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This week's featured comment comes from amym440 and was left on Mercedes Allen's post, "The Religious Right Doesn't Want Barney Frank Showering With Them, Either". commentofweek1.png

The whole bathroom/shower debate argument against repealing enda should be a wake up call to those lgb's that think T issues don't apply to them.We're all in the same boat, drilling wholes in the floorpan only ensures we all drown together.

I love that last sentence. It pretty much sums up the holiday spirit that our community should display all year long.

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Here, here, amym440 and Bil,

When anyone’s individual birthrights are threatened everyone, gender congruent hetero’s and LGBTQ people share the threat because of the precedent the threat might set.

Unfortunately Barney got reelected.

For 2 years, yes. Sometimes it is necessary to change diapers even though it makes you gag.

It is no exaggeration to say that Barney Frank is America's greatest threat to transfer rights. He is rich, powerful, intelligent, articulate, and rabidly transphobic.

This must be a Trans joke, I don't get it. What am I doing here?

I can only hope that it would BE that wake up call this time. But perpetual reminders seem to be needed.

I half to laugh I seem to have finally said something worth repeating and it has a typo in it.I meant to say repealing DADT instead of ENDA.Being originally from Mass unfortunately it seems there is more than just Barney Frank willing to toss the T's under the bus.The only way Mass could get any bluer is if it could choke on a piece of meat yet Trans rights are behind the curve there.I can't change my name on my birth certificate without a certified copy of a doctors letter stating I've had SRS.When and if I get to that point the state will only amend my birth certificate.Last week I called Governor Patricks office this week I'm going to call the State Legislature.I know there are others working to change Mass law to make it T friendly but we need support from the LGB community to make it happen.Thanks Bil for having a great site that is T inclusive.

You forgot wholes (or was that one intentional)?

The hazards of not using an editor or word first.Thanks for pointing it out I'm seriously trying to improve my writing skills.

Personally, I think waiting around for supposed wake-up calls to make an impact is a waste of time. All most non-trans GLB people learned from repealing DADT is how easy it is to exclude trans people from legislation and how remarkably little backlash it generates.