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Comment of the Week: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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From my post this week about Dr. Laura Schlessinger's recent rant calling Don't Ask Don't Tell "absurd discrimination." The radio host is known for her dr_laura.jpgscreeds against gay people instead of supporting them.

One of the commenters suggested that we take Dr. Laura's comments for their face value and embrace her change of heart instead of dwelling on her ugly past history. To our surprise, Dr. Laura entered the conversation herself to respond to the commenter.

Dear Daniel Lewis Frommherz - thank you so very much for your kind and reasoned comments. It seems that too many live simply to label, play "gotcha" and hate. Merry Christmas to all - warmly, drl

So what do you think, Projectors? Has Dr. Laura's Grinch heart grow three sizes too big this holiday season? Is she turning over a new leaf or will old habits be too hard to break?

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I don't know that Dr. Laura has ever been homophobic. Her only comments were in a conversation with a caller about homosexuality, from a strictly biological standpoint, being an "error." Which isn't actually wrong if you're looking at homosexuality from the biological stand point of the whole point of life is to reproduce.

Dr. Laura has had lots of gay callers on her show in the years I've listened and has never treated them any differently or badly or with disrespect. She's served gays and lesbians in her private practice. Tammy Bruce, an open lesbian feminist who does radio had Dr. Laura write the foreword to one of her books after forming a friendship with her at a local radio station.

Please look into the context of her show and attitudes instead of just taking one or two short clips of decades of her show to label her "anti-gay".

Okay, this is something from a biochemist, so I think I have some legitimacy here.

1) There isn't a biological point to life.
2) If there was one, it would be more to spread your genes than to reproduce. And there is evidence towards homosexuality (at least, male homosexuality) being an effective way to pass along genes.

well. anythings possible, people can change over time, but she has a lot of learning to do, and life is short.

I've been pretty shocked by queer people leaping to praise Dr. Laura for her comments on DADT, completely ignoring that, in context, her comments were racist. One of the reasons she praised gay soldiers was that they had been in the army since America was "dealing with Indians" - aka, killing Native Americans and pillaging the continent they inhabited in the name of manifest destiny. Not even GLAAD pointed this out in its coverage.

John R. Selig | December 13, 2010 12:23 AM

As one of the folks on the National Steering Committee for my advice is not to trust her for a moment. The bad doctor is a whack job. Her Ph.D. is in physiology not psychology, psychiatry or social work so she can explain why a pig farts, not its mental state when doing so. Her own life is as checkered as they come.

Schlessinger recently lost it with an African American caller so badly that she decided to quite her terrestrial radio show at the end of this year after there was a huge meltdown over her comments and she decided to move to satellite radio. Scjlessinger claimed that she wanted to get her first amendment right to free speech back. Laura Schlessinger has never understood that her right to free speech doesn't extend to not being held responsible for what she says.

As to dumbgay's comments above, they are wrong. Here are three direct quotes from Dr. Laura herself. They are still on the archived website. Back in 2000 we had an audio tape and personally played her comments for the station manager of the CBS T station here in Dallas. My dear friend Cathy Renna was with me at the time. The station manager was shocked by her comments and the vitriol in her voice when she spoke out against gays.

"I call homosexual practicers deviant."

"If you are gay or lesbian it is a biological error."

"A huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys."

Here is a link to over 15 of Schlessinger's rants against gays from the

Schlessinger may have tempered her comments against gays but don't trust her for a second. She probably fears the LGBT community after our success in getting her terrible TV show canceled. We should be just as outraged about her bigotry against African Americans as we were against her homophobic tirades.

I'll bet that Cathy Renna doesn't trust her any more than I do.


If Schlessinger wants to be taken seriously she'll have to publically apologize to all the GLBT folks who suffered discrimination, harassment and violence since she began her campaign of bigotry to increase her ratings.

She'll have to apologize personally and on her program to each of the families and friends of LGBT folks who were murdered, driven to suicide or badly injured since she began her campaign of bigotry to increase her ratings.

And she'll have to make substantial contributions to the Trevor Project and NCAVP. That's something the rest of us could do as well.

If she won't we'll know her for a hypocrite as well as a racist thug and an anti-GLBT bigot.

Most of those "quotes" are rehashes of the same 2 issues and you don't provide direct links to the audio or primary sources.

1) Just because you disagree that the point of biology is reproduction and gays don't fit that paradigm doesn't make the woman homophobic. Again, she's had gay callers and always been supportive. Even her statements regarding that issue have been pretty kind, but pointed on what she disagrees about. Just because a person disagrees about the reasons or functions of homosexuality in biology doesn't make her homophobic.

2) Her comments on pedophilia are based upon letters from her own listeners who are gay and want to highlight the promotion of trying to sleep with young or young looking guys in gay culture. You call this wrong, but won't actually discuss the issue. I can confirm this just looking at most twink porn sites which fantasize sleeping with young guys, and many gay men lost their virginity to older men in their teens. But if she mentions this or discusses it at all, she's "homophobic."

You're not going to change anybody's mind or win any arguments by just calling people who disgree with you on a single issue regarding gays "homophobic." Usually throwing out labels like homophobic or racist are just last ditch efforts to slander someone when you're losing the argument. Again, she has a close relationship with gays in her life and has tried to actually discuss and help people who have problems with gay life/culture. But you won't see that. Unless she agrees 100% with everything you believe, you'll continue to try to paint her badly.

This is a large reason gay people don't have equal rights. People like you would rather throw bombs and hurl epithets than ever engage in meaningful discussion with people who disagree with you. Trying to personally attack people and call them names isn't going to change anyone's mind, just galvanize their opposition and reinforce their views that we're unreasonable.

John R. Selig | December 13, 2010 2:41 PM

Did you read her quotes from my post last night. Please do so. Would somebody who made similar quotes about Jews not be called anti-semetic? Would somebody who made such comments against African Americans or Latinos be called a racist. Oh, that is right, Laura Schlessinger recently got called under the carpet for hateful comments to a Black woman.

Take time to read some about Schlessinger's personal life and you will see that this woman is a bit of a nutcase!

Did you click on the link that Mr. Selig provided? It leads to documentation of his quotes and many others. Dr. Laura’s attitudes may be different now, but in the past, she has repeatedly misrepresented gay people if even half of those quotes are accurate.

She stated several times that gay men are more likely than straight men to be “pedophiles” – despite research findings to the contrary. This means they’re supposedly attracted to children, not twinks or younger men.

She also said more than once that homosexuality is a “biological error” – a claim that no reputable biologist would endorse. There is good evidence that gay people pass on their genes indirectly and contribute to the survival of the species. If not, then why does homosexuality occur in hundreds of successful species?

And yes, she called gay people “deviant,” flying in the face of reputable research in psychology and related fields.

I for one am willing to give Dr. Laura the benefit of the doubt and let her prove herself. If she becomes a force for good and for our equal rights, I say more power to her!

But I won’t try to wish away her past.

I'm not going to worry about her motivations because I think they're irrelevant. Her past history is useful, though, because now we can point to this and say "See? Even Dr. Laura supports repeal."

"Is she turning over a new leaf or will old habits be too hard to break?" The latter.

She could be just sucking up to us. But who am I to turn down a good suck-up?

Hmmm..she is going to be the newbie on Sirius-XM radio. That satellite radio organization also hosts Howard Stern and the gay channel OutQ. Could it be that she has had a change of heart due to the views of her new "neighbors?" She used to be on the conservative Clear Channel..Rush's network. Something to think about....

I think Dr. Laura is finally coming to understand that culturally in this country it's no longer ok to be actively anti-LGBT as a mainstream talk radio host unless you're shooting for a very specific target right-wing audience as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage do. The kind of hateful rhetoric Dr. L. spewed in the past isn't something soccer moms are willing to have their kids exposed to anymore, and I'd suspect that as much as anything else is driving her to clean up her act.

In short, Dr. Laura knows that if she wants to continue to have high ratings and not have various groups taking turns trying to get her off the radio by attacking her sponsors as they did with her TV show, she's got to drop the anti-LGBT hate because it's just not playing with today's commercial radio talk show audiences.

I seriously don't understand why anyone would call her for advice anyway! She is not even a licensed therapist. She has a phys ed degree!!!! She is a gym teacher!!!
Hmm..I think I'll call myself "doctor" and start a radio show....obviously there's plenty of money out there pretending to be a psychologist!

Physiology, not physical education. Physiology is the study of how different organs and tissues in the body interact and work (for example, nerve impulses, muscle contraction, digestion, bone regeneration, etc). I don't like the woman, but leave misrepresentation and lies to people like her.

My apologies then..let me repeat myself.. "I seriously don't understand why anyone would call her for advice anyway! She is not even a licensed therapist. She has a physiology degree. Why would you call a physiologist for emotional help?"
The results are still the same..she is NOT a licensed therapist.
I have a question about my 401K..rather than call my accountant..I think I'll call my dentist..

My apologies then..let me repeat myself.. "I seriously don't understand why anyone would call her for advice anyway! She is not even a licensed therapist. She has a physiology degree. Why would you call a physiologist for emotional help?"
The results are still the same..she is NOT a licensed therapist.
I have a question about my 401K..rather than call my accountant..I think I'll call my dentist..

As the co founder of
and the National Protest Coordinator, let me assure you that Laura Schlessinger was extremly
homophobic. Do I believe people can change? Yes.
In the 40 years I have been an activist, I have
seen people grow. Do I think that "Dr." Laura has
changed her opinion? I would like to belive she
has grown. However, her last rant on national radio regarding the 'n' word, and her saying she
was quitting to defend the lst. amendment, (which did not apply in her case as the government was
not censoring her) showed a woman who does not only not stop to think about the damage that her words can do, but also, a lack of knowledge about what the first amendment actually says.
Robin Tyler

John R. Selig | December 14, 2010 7:09 PM

Robin Tyler is right on with everything she said.

Dr Laura has said many times "people dont change" so why are we giving this hypocrite a second thought. She is trying to build a audience for her show, its for money! Everything this whack has preached against she has done! That makes her a Hypocrite! Dr Laura should have a "disclosure form" letting people know who call her that she is not a REAL DOCTOR! Isn't that a crime!?