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Comment of the Week: Tobi Hill-Meyer

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On my post about atrocious language in a television report about two transgender criminal suspects. The article referred to them as "perverts," "freaks," and "bosom buddies." commentofweek1.pngSome of the commenters on the post seemed to argue that the severity of the crime (sexual in nature) made it okay to refer to the alleged perpetrators in derogatory language.

It doesn't become okay to be bigoted just because the targets of one's bigotry did something wrong. Would you imagine racism, homophobia, sexism, etc should be justified if the targets are criminals?

And even if you do believe that, there's the problem of disproportional treatment. Why should trans criminals face more intense (and extra-legal) punishments than cis people committing the same crime?

And finally, the transphobic journalism is a problem because it obscures the facts and makes it unclear what exactly is happening. How can we even judge if unfair treatment is justified if we can't trust the reporter to be accurate about very basic facts of the case.

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Tobi's brilliant... she's always got the comment of the week. And she's so damn young! *grumble-grumble*

There was a article in the Guardian recently about transect prostitutes in Indonesian.

Hoe it was headlined it read that they were causing the spread of aids due to there lack of knowledge.
The original headline was
'Lack of education among transgender sex workers is fuelling Indonesia's growing HIV/Aids infection rates'

BUT on reading the article it was clear it was THE MALE CLIENTS who refused to wear condoms that was the problem .Even in the first paragraph in an interview with one of the women she clearly says she knows the dangers but was unable to do anything about it

Hence a situation where trans prostitutes, who most probably turned to prostitution to make living because of prejudice and misogyny were being put in danger because of the ignorance of thier male clients but were being mis-represented as some sort of ignorant spreaders of disease
a terrible article that i asked the paper to change with thankfully they did