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Czech Republic ends gay immigration test

Filed By Alex Blaze | December 10, 2010 2:00 PM | comments

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I've been reading reports about this law all week and it seems the EU shut this down. It's CzechRepublicMap.gifsilly for several reasons:

The EU has told Czech Republic to stop its controversial practice of trying to determine whether asylum seekers are gay by showing them blue movies to gauge their 'sexual arousal' levels.

Those subjected to what Czechs referred to as the 'porno exam' were men claiming asylum on the grounds they would be in danger in their homelands due to their sexuality.

At first I thought the test involved just pics of naked men and women, alone, which is an oversimplified view of sexuality. There are bisexual men and gay men who can find women attractive, as well as gay guys who get hard at the thought of sexuality no matter what gender. Add in random boners and straight men who can control themselves and this test is juvenile.

But it turns out that whoever designed it hadn't ever met a gay man before:

If any of the applicants got aroused at the sight of men and women having sex they were automatically denied asylum rights.

Really? 100% gay men can get aroused by the site of men having sex, no matter whether that man is having sex with a man or a woman.

Anyway, it just seems to prove how ridiculous our systems of immigration are, restricting access to certain countries just because people who want to live there were born in the wrong place. It's prejudice, that people from certain other countries are lesser than, and paranoia, that if the doors are opened the unwashed masses would stampede in and take what rightfully belongs to the people who are already there. The prejudice and paranoia sometimes can be penetrated by emotional pleas, but determining who has the qualifications or the correct sob story to get through the wall is always going to be a fraught process.

If the West is really worried that poor people are going to over-run their countries, they could try supporting the development of third-world countries instead of thwarting it. Until then, grown adults shouldn't be forced to prove their sexuality, whatever that means, just to live where they want to live.

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Paige Listerud | December 10, 2010 2:10 PM

I think we should storm the Czech Republic and demand that they re-institute the porn test, but without any ramifications attached. They could rename it "Welcome Porn," as a sign of how open and accepting the culture is now.

LOL You have to be kidding. A porn test. I have now heard it all.

My only reply to this is I bet those immigration agents are upset their scam to watch porn at work is being shut down. :)

This practice is the legacy of Kurt Freund,
" Czech-Canadian physician and sexologist best known for developing phallometry . . ." who was "initially commissioned to use penile plethysmography to detect recruits attempting to evade military service by falsely claiming to be homosexual.[1] (The Czechoslovakian military barred homosexuals from serving.)"

"Freund fled to Canada in 1968, in the wake of the Prague Spring. Freund then began plethysmography studies of male sexual orientation at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (then called the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry) in Toronto, where much of the research and published data using PPG originate"

Meredith Chivers is doing so called research with the "vaginal plethysmograph which was developed much later.

more suggested reading:

linked to from here:

Freund is said to be a friend of the gay population but there is evidence to contradict this assertion. What you have written about is one good example but there is more that I don't have the time to locate right now. Ray Blanchard was Freund's protege, who has done a lot of damage to the understanding of transsexualism with his pseudoscientific theories based on Freund's pseudoscientific methods involving his plethysmograph which originated from the CMAH where Ken Zucker, head of the APA workgroup on Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity, works. Zucker is Blanchard's colleague. Zucker is also the editor of the notorious Archives of Sexual Behavior founded by Richard Green in 1971 which has perpetuated some of the most egregiously mistaken characterizations of transsexualism available.

The world should know about these people, especially the part of the population that is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex and queer. They don't mean anyone any good with their pseudoscientific analyses of what they refer to as "courtship disorders". What you write about is a good example of the kind of harm possible to people that can be done by employing such techniques.


The Czech Republic isn't any worse than some American college fraternities.

I heard several years ago that when freshmen go through frat rush, one of the things a frat might do is make sure the candidate sits thru a late-night porno party. If the candidate likes the straight porn but gets bored when they advance to lesbian porn, then the new guy is probably getting off on the men in the straight porn and he's probably gay. And usually, he is shown the door and that's the last he will hear from that frat.