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DADT repeal vote today?

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According to Kerry Eleveld of The Advocate, there's a chance we'll see a vote on the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell this evening. question-mark3a.jpgThe chances are small, but they're there.

Democrats might make use of a narrow window of down time if the four bills scheduled for a vote Wednesday fail to garner the 60 votes necessary to proceed to debate. Those bills include a firefighters collective bargaining bill, the DREAM Act, a 9/11 firefighters health compensation measure, and a measure extending a one-time $250 payment to senior citizens. If all fail, the NDAA could be brought to a vote by sometime Wednesday afternoon.

The strategy is still preliminary but a source familiar with the negotiations said the White House had begun to engage on the issue and President Barack Obama intends to make calls to key GOP targets.

I'm writing this early in the morning with only a half a cup of coffee behind me, so I'm more cynical than normal. Still, I'm doubtful that all the cards will play out exactly as needed for there to be a vote tonight. Everything else would have to fail and McCain will not give up his DADT filibuster without a fight - or a lengthy debate. Plus, Congressional Democrats are peeved with Obama for his tax cut "compromise," so I doubt that they're willing to make his life any easier right now too.

What do you think? Any chance of a vote tonight?

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Yes, I think there is a good chance. But the Washington Post is reporting that Sen. Collins is a stumbling block. I think they'll get it together. But then again, I may be fooling myself. But it's fun to pretend.

Really this is our best hope, if the Congress gets through four bills in one afternoon we might get to Senator Biggot McCain again downing his make shit up on the spot and live in denial commentary speech on why to filibuster the motion to even go to vote.

This has about as much chance its not going to snow in the Midwest this winter.

Let's do the math:

The good news is Mark Pryor has signaled he supports repeal, so that's +1, to a possible 57, but Joe Manchin is probably -1, leaving us at 56 votes. No word from Blance Lincoln.

If it makes it past the Cloture vote, because Snowe, Collins and Brown get "time for amendments" it looks like they'll just run out the clock. So, it's a quick death or one that will take the next week.

I still believe the whole "DADT Compromise Repeal" is a clever charade by the Democrats and the LGBT-advocacy industry. It's a show. Soon, we'll hear "we were so close" and "please send more money." That request should be denied.

"please send more money" lol - true enough

Joe Manchin (WV) a Democrat voted No today. Now, we know where he stands.

Blanche Lincoln didn't bother to vote.