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Dr. Laura: DADT is 'absurd discrimination'

Filed By Bil Browning | December 03, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Don't Ask Don't Tell, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, gays in the military, John McCain, West Wing

Now that Dr. Laura has a new show on Sirius radio, has she also turned over a new leaf? On her new show yesterday, she led the show with a rant about Don't Ask Don't Tell, calling it "absurd discrimination."

Is Senator John McCain so mired in his George Wallace-like stance that this proves how far over the anti-gay bigot ledge he's gone? After all, Dr. Laura was the inspiration for this scene from the West Wing where President Bartlett calls out "Dr. Jacobs" for anti-gay bigotry. You know you've gone round the bend when even Dr. Laura thinks you're discriminating against gay people.

Check out Good As You for the full embedded audio of the rant.

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This flip-flop is easy to explain: Rightfully considering herself lucky to have landed on her feet after her last fiasco, Dr. Laura doesn't want to f*** up and lose this job, too.

There is an estimated 80% of the American People who agree with the gist of Dr. Laura's recent blog. Few if any even African-Americans who used those words agreed with her last stated fiasco. You go Girl!!! it is about time to hear from those who command the respect of most Americans. As we know there are certain groups of Americans who wouldn't agree with the good Dr. even if she stated that, "The sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning". So please let it go and accept her words at simply face value and move on.

Dr. Laura has done more damage to our community than helping it. Until there is some consistency in her message over time, I won't be holding my breath that this turn-around is anything but a publicity stunt.

Dear Daniel Lewis Frommherz - thank you so very much for your kind and reasoned comments. It seems that too many live simply to label, play "gotcha" and hate. Merry Christmas to all - warmly, drl