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Kenyan TV: Prime Minister calls for arrest of gays

Filed By Bil Browning | December 02, 2010 7:00 AM | comments

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Watch as a Kenyan TV station covers the Prime Minister's call for the arrest of all gays in the country. Notice that all of the men being rounded up and beaten are effeminate. The next time someone doesn't understand why covering gender identity is important to "gay rights" you can point to this and say, "Because they target us based on how masculine we seem to be first." It's impossible to watch this video and not see the connection. (Hat tip to Joe.My.God. for the video)

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I've been thinking the same thing. Gay = effeminate is some minds, but not just in Africa.

Here is America a shocking amount of people will say "He doesn't look gay" which says that they have a defined view of what gay is supposed to be. A linebacker or the pro basketball player who's all over the news doesn't fit into their narrow view of what gay is. The studly black rapper turned actor who is a perpetual bachelor with all the women throwing themselves at him couldn't possibly be gay. He just hasn't found the right woman.

In Africa, they think gays are the sickly sissies among them to be rooted out and even murdered. At least in public, privately they must know better because if history tells us anything about the squeakiest wheels on social issues, they always ALWAYS get the most LUBE. Inspired by America's own evangelical terrorists, this murderous obsession afflicts those who had a raw nerve touched by the subject. This idiot and Pastor Martin "poo-poo" Ssempa in Uganda (and many in America's 'pro-family' groups) have their own dirty little secrets, no doubt. They are either after notoriety and money off the backs of gay people by fueling ignorance and genocide, or they are self-loathing gays themselves desperately trying to shine the light elsewhere, making it a toss-up which behavior is more odious.

'Gender Identity' certainly should be part of the gay rights discussion.

Every one of us living authentic, out and proud lives - the actors, athletes, soldiers, garbage men, etc - is the only way we will change perceptions of what GAY IS here in America and ultimately abroad.

We have American good will ambassadors like George Clooney going to places like the Sudan using his fame in an effort to avert genocide. When are LGBT ambassadors going to reach out to Uganda and Kenya in a effort to keep the global spotlight on the matter and possibly thwart the obvious looming, American evangelical inspired LGBT genocide there?

Like it or not, those African fires were started here in America. We can't now sit back and just watch it burn. ~