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Open thread: Illinoisans in the house?

Filed By Phil Reese | December 14, 2010 9:38 AM | comments

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I've always wondered how many Illinoisans or folks right over the state-line we have here at the Project. illinois.gifWe have three writers: Yasmin Nair, Waymon Hudson and myself, but how many other folks hanging out here at TBP live in Illinois, or in the metropolitan areas for the Quad Cities, Gary; Terre Haute; Evansville or Lafayette IN, Milwaukee; Kenosha or Janesville WI, near the Shawnee National Forrest in Kentucky or along the Mississsippi in Missouri or Iowa?

If you live in Illinois or in very close driving distance, here's a big ole hello from Phil and please say hi down in the comments!

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Hi -- another Illinoisan here (just outside of Chicago).

Keep up the good work!

What's up Phil?

It's cold as hell but still...nothing like the winter of 1994-95 when wind chills were 60-80 below zero for a a few days so...after that winter, I really shouldn't complain, I guess.

Sandra Louise Sandra Louise | December 14, 2010 1:31 PM

Hi Phil!

I live in the Chicago area and it is miserable there right now. Oh well.

I'm a born and bred Illinoisan and have lived in Chi all my life.

I've visited other places, but I always love coming back to Chicago.

As the motto goes, "Just outside Chicago is a place called Illinois..."

Stay warm!

Hello from bitter cold Milwaukee!

Phil, I don't live in Illinois, but as a Hoosier I love my neighbor state to the west.

If you want an idea about Illinois participation at Bilerico, be sure to check with the editors regarding their web page hits -- I think they have a way to see how many hits are caused by viewers in a particular state. For technical reasons, the stats are not exactly accurate, but they are accurate enough to be meaningful.

Representing from Rogers Park, Chicago. :)

Chi Town Pride. Keep up the good work!


I don't currently live in Illinois, but I was born and raised there. I lived in Southern Illinois, near Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge until 2002 and have since resided in Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

A friend of mine just introduced me to Bilerico earlier this afternoon, and after a quick perusing, I'm quite awestruck and impressed. I will definitely be becoming a regular reader.

With Love and Pride,

I'm a Chicago resident five months of the year. Will be here until the third week of January [due to my work/school] & would be very happy to meet up with other Illinosians. Name a place/date/time and I will look forward to great conversation.

the_houyhnhnm | December 15, 2010 2:28 AM

Another Chicagoan is here.

Hello from a Quad-citian. Don't know if anyone else from here reads TBP or not. Be Well everyone and Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Still here in Chicago, and still working with Equality Illinois and the Chicago Transgender Coalition. Don't be a stranger. :)