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OutLoud in Nashville to close

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The interesting thing about a bookstore closing, as opposed to most other small businesses that have gotten shut down in recent years, is that the owners usually read a lot and have a good idea of whom to blame. OutLoud in Nashville just announced they'll be closing and here's part of the message posted to their site:

Factors Involved in the Decision to Close

The greed of some in the banking industry continues to push interest rates so high that most small businesses can't afford them. Affordable credit is simply not available to most small business owners.

The inability of congress to pass meaningful legislation that would support small businesses.

The lack of interest in our own Tennessee State Legislature to make internet companies pay their fair share of of sales taxes gives out-of-state corporations an unfair sales advantage.

Supersized businesses like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy have unfair price advantages over locally-owned businesses.

Last year, Lambda Rising, the oldest GLBT bookstore in the country was one of over a dozen GLBT bookstores to close. Many GLBT distributors have also closed, and just recently Alyson Books, the largest GLBT book publisher, announced that it would no longer print books at all.

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Frankly, dead tree books and the brick-and-mortar stores that sell them are the buggy whips of the 21st century. If bookstores can't adapt to modern ways of doing business, they have no one to blame but themselves.