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Religious right scandal brewing in Indianapolis?

Filed By Bil Browning | December 27, 2010 11:00 AM | comments

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Where there's smoke there's usually fire... It seems that there's a possible Eddie Long-style scandal brewing in Indianapolis and a couple of media outlets are hot on the case.

Framed by the Trees - Downtown IndianapolisLong is the vehemently anti-gay African-American minister from Atlanta who recently was accused by several young men of coercing them into a sexual relationship while showering them with expensive gifts to buy their silence. I hear Indianapolis authorities are investigating a local black evangelical minister for similar behavior.

While Long's charges were all brought in civil court by the young men, it looks like this could lead to criminal charges for the minister. Based on the phone calls I've had over the weekend, there's at least a couple of outlets chasing down the story. Let's see what pans out over the next few weeks.

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Oh, delicious irony. Can't wait to see what the local outlets do with the story.

"...showering them with expensive guests"

Really? Don't you mean gifts?

I thought maybe the minister was renting them hustlers ( ! ) ... but I see now that Bil has corrected the suspected typo.

I did. Thanks for the heads up e-mail AJ. Unfortunately, our backend was down for a couple of hours before I could fix it. Damn autocorrect. Yet another reason why you shouldn't try to write a blog post on your phone! :)

Got it sharing... Want to know when some of these criminals will go to jail??!! Including all the abusive priests! We cannot carry good 'morality' to other countries until we clean up our own trash!

Good Lord!!! Not ANOTHER one??? Are there any sane churches out there anymore, black or otherwise? One has to be careful with rumors, but, alas, Indianapolis seems to be a hotbed of corruption also. All these houses and cities built of cards seem to be insanely afraid of a windy draft!