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The End Of The World As We Know It

Filed By Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer | December 29, 2010 6:00 PM | comments

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In an LA Times op-ed piece that college students jonah-goldberg-1-sized.jpgof the future will be citing in papers about how everything changed in the early 21st century, no less than Jonah Goldberg welcomes the "gay bourgeoisie."

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OK, excuse me...
This is news how?
We called them assimilationists in the 70s and Guppies in the 80s.
Happens about every 10 years that Gays are declared part of the mainstream. Hasn't happened yet.

What I believe is different this time is that the assimilation of homosexuals is being heralded by conservatives as being consistent with their values and ultimately a good thing for homosexuals and for conservatism.

American conservatives (the ones not blinded by religious fanaticism) are beginning to realize that 1) a large portion of homosexuals have essentially conservative values ("they just want what we want -- a nice house, a respectable job, a family, a couple of cars, etc."), 2) homosexuality is a phenomenon that is natural and persistent and therefore has to be dealt with, and 3) the best, most conservative, way to deal with homosexuals is to let them conform, to eradicate what is radical and marginal about them by giving them access to conservative institutions such as marriage and the military.

I've been around a while too, and I believe this is a watershed moment. When one of the most prominent conservative lawyers in the nation is advocating for gay marriage and the most influential gay lobbying organizations have a politically conservative agenda, I know things have changed. We used to laugh at gay Republicans. Now they're the ones winning our so-called victories.

Don’t tell Jonah Goldberg, but when you only look at your fellow citizens through a political pundit’s labeling lens, you don’t see them. Bourgsie Gays have been around for a long time, it just did not fit the narrative of pointing out the otherness or the supposed lock step lefty, commie, socialist, libertine, hippie gays. “You know how they all are!”

In 6 months my longtime partner and I will endure the annual questions and the looks of disbelief. Most of the questions will be made by younger new work acquaintances. It is always the same, “Going to Gay Pride this weekend?” We always answer no, followed by, “Why not?!” or “Are you kidding?!” And occasionally, “Yeah, right.”

No we are not lying. For over 25 years we celebrate Gay Pride just like we celebrate every other sunny summer weekend, with beers on our patio.

Gus, of course there have been bourgie gays around for a long time. But what I found remarkable about this op-ed piece is not that someone noticed, but that Jonah Goldberg, a bona fide member of the conservative establishment, is welcoming "the sweeping embrace of bourgeois lifestyles by the gay community" as "good news." That's new.