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The It Gets Better dance remix

Filed By Bil Browning | December 31, 2010 1:00 PM | comments

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Tags: Carlos Gallardo, Chris Salvatore, dance music, gay youth, It Gets Better, suicide prevention

What better day for a queer dance remix than New Years Eve?

LA actor and singer Chris Salvatore did an earlier It Gets Better video that featured an original song. Now Carlos Gallardo has remixed it and you can dance the year away. Watch the original after the jump.

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Try not to hate me (?) but... the first vid is nearly palatable, but the 2nd, to me, is over-the-top self-involved and narcisisstic. Sorry; but it really feels like he hijacked a good cause so he could glance at himself in the mirror, and then thrust that mirror in our faces. He's attractive, yes, and may have a semblance of career ahead of him? But it feels disingenuous for him to enter the foray on the backs of suicidal kids like this :(

No worries. I'd tend to agree with you, Jimbo.

Great song, probably will become the anthem song for the movement. I agree on the video. Could have been a lot more to it. I like starting off with him at the piano but the point of the whole song could have been portrayed in scenes with much more power. Nice looking guy with sexy pits, but they became rather distracting after a while!