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Three Trans-Focused Web Tools You Should Know About

Filed By Toshio Meronek | December 05, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Three not-for-profit websites are tackling the massive job of making the world a more navigable place for transgender people. Want a safe place to take a leak, get hormones, or avoid annoying gendered pronouns? They got you.


Find out where to go in its always growing database of thousands of bathrooms across the country. Like a Yelp for toilets, the site's user-generated, and you can review a bathroom on several different criteria (not just whether or not it's gendered). For example, is it wheelchair accessible? Can you "stroll right in," or do you need to "act like you're shopping"? The site's expanded a lot over the last few months, going mobile-friendly and adding a "one-to-five toilet paper roll" rating system. Tools like this only work if people help out, so take a minute to add a bathroom that's treated you well.


Brought to us by the same trans techies as safe2pee, this yellow pages-esque site can hook you up with a respectful surgeon, lawyer, or hair waxer.


This one imagines another kind of net neutrality: an internet without gender pronouns. Feed it the URL of your choice and it'll spit out a text-edited version of any website that swaps hes and shes with new pronouns and names, with options for ey, they, sie, and others (buttons appear at the top of your chosen page so you can switch between them). It's not perfect (the state of Georgia became the state of George), but it makes reading the politics or sports section of any newspaper way less penis-centered.

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Fabulous tools, Toshio. Thanks for sharing them.