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You're stuck with us now, Nancy-boy

Filed By Bil Browning | December 24, 2010 7:30 AM | comments

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"If a homosexual signs up now, he's stuck with the whole magilla. Go to your superior officer now and say, hey, I'm a flaming homosexual, I hate the army, let me out of here, the superior officer will say, tough darts, those days are gone. You're stuck with us now, Nancy-boy. So, who's sorry now?"

-- American Family Association flamethrower Bryan Fischer in a blog post for the religious right organization. The post later goes on to say the joke is on gays because they've now lost the 'special right' of having an 'exit strategy' if they didn't like serving in the military.

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Paul in Canada | December 24, 2010 9:42 AM

Such a Christian thing to say. What an asshat!

Bryan is just running out of things to bitch about concerning us.

The reality is, given the difficulties that LGB's went through to stay in the military, that Straights no longer have the "I'm Gay" meme to use to get out of military service.

Gay and straights who want an easy out still have the option of telling their commanding officer they're trans.

Too bad too since two of the toughest warriors in history were trans. Alexander the Great was a bisexual cross-dressing male and Joan of Arc a gender bending female.