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What Can You Do to Help Save Lyon-Martin Health Services?

Filed By Jessica Hoffmann | January 26, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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Lyon-Martin Health Services, which has made health care accessible to thousands of women, queer, and trans people in San Francisco, is being threatened with imminent closure. The clinic's board of directors say it's financially impossible to keep the clinic open, but a community that knows health care is both essential and widely unaffordable - and, for many women, queer, and trans people, often traumatizing in conventional settings - is rallying to save the clinic. Fundraising events are scheduled for this weekend in San Francisco. And donations of money, time, and other resources are welcome from anywhere.


As one of the organizers says, "If Lyon-Martin health services shuts down, it will be a major step towards San Francisco becoming entirely uninhabitable for low-income queers and trans people." Event info after the jump.

Saturday, 1/29, gather at the corner of Market and 17th Street to hand out flyers and ask for donations in the Castro. More info (on Facebook) here.

Hotties 4 Homo Health Care Fundraiser, Sunday, 1/30, info here

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I'll be forwarding this to friends in SF!

I called them up and donated a little bit of $$, wish it coulda been more. L-M was there for me 11 yrs ago when I started FtM transitioning and I would like them to be there for others in future.

I've heard lots about Lyon-Martin. I posted this to facebook.

That's lovely, everyone! All kinds of support (forwarding, donations of any size, talking to people about how the clinic was essential for you or someone you know) are helpful.

Nick Gorton, MD has long been a leading figure at Lyon-Martin which has resisted calls to distance itself from Dr. Gorton's ideas.

At the WPATH Symposium in 2009, Dr. Gorton spoke in favor of a Gender Dysphoria/Dissonance proposal. While the Lyon-Martin clinic has (soon had) a refusal to distance itself from such psychiatry then transfolk will be ambivalent about supporting it. Yes, Lyon-Martin has provided valuable services to a vulnerable population; but it has been debatable whether the price of subjecting oneself to "psycho-social evaluation" is a price worth paying. They ask us to take the shilling, and only the strong can resist this abuse.

Hopefully a replacement will spring up in San Francisco from the ashes, without mental health "services", without Gorton and unequivocally supportive of de-psychopathologisation.