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Another Gay Doritos Commercial

Filed By Bil Browning | January 24, 2011 6:30 PM | comments

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Apparently someone has a theme for the Superbowl this year... Frito Lay has released another one of their ads for the Superbowl and this one also has a gay flavor.

Over at AmericaBlog Gay, Joe Sudbay Tim Beauchamp thinks the ad is "cute and funny," while John Aravosis isn't sure about the "flaming stereotype depicted in the ad." What do you think? And how does it mesh with the previously announced gay-themed Doritos Superbowl ad I showed you earlier today?

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That is great lol. Makes me happy that there are more of these commercials out there.

yes... they may be a bit over the top but everyone knows people exactly like that... hell... half of my friends are exactly like that... i'm with Joe... cute and funny...

Ya know, if you can't laugh at yourself...I like a lot of what I read on Americablog, and respect the work they do, but sometimes Aravosis can find a gay slander in just about anything.

I'm way more worried about what people like Bryan Brown and Brian Fischer and the Obama Justice Department have to say about me than a Frito Lay commercial.

I vote that it was kinda cute. It should get a lot of positive attention.

I think it's funny. Yeah, there are stereotypes there, but I don't think they're harmful. Most commercials stereotype anyways, and considering that this commercial will be aired during a football game, they could have really done worse. The straight man is the butt of the joke, not the gay men.

Maybe but I also feel like the woman's reaction is *America's* reaction. I worry about how a straight audience will perceives this.

I was thinking her reaction was more the reaction of most women married to a supposedly straight man, caught supposedly ogling the hot gay neighbors.

I feel the same way.

come on...

if the audience were only gays and it were written by gays, for gays, that would be different.

In this case, it seems like they're clearly exploiting the hell out of homosexual/gay stereotypes. If this were any other group--Blacks, Hispanics, Polish, etc.--people would go crazy.

No. This shouldn't go.

I like this one, too. That little "told you" at the end is so appropriate. Mr. Husband sure doesn't look like his lusty view is all about the Doritos after all, and that telling look from the wife lets us know she's figured it out too.

And, yes, the straight guy is the fall guy for once.

I don't like it all. If most gay men were over-the-top effeminate it would be different, would not be a sterotype. As well; though 'we' get the joke, I'm not at all convinced that a majority of straight America will get it - at least upon a single showing of this commercial.

Gee, I wonder what John Avarosis thinks about Chris Colfer's role on Glee? Worse, what did he think of his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes?

What some call flaming stereotype, is totally natural behavior for others. I do think it will get laughs because it's campy & clever. Screw the critics. I'm with Joe Sudbay.

Rick Sutton | January 25, 2011 6:05 AM

Well, Frito Lay has a very short time to make their point. They made it with an over-the-top stereotype.

Mildly funny. I hate the product, so I won't buy it anyway.

Viewed as part of an overall continuum, it's 50-50. As a stand-alone piece, it's slightly offensive.

James Paul: the time afforded each Glee character exceeds the time alloted to this commercial, but 20-fold or more. And it's a TV show, not a commercial ad. Huge difference.

Correction:Tim Beauchamp was the author of the post and not Joe Sudbay. I've corrected the post above after Joe wrote a very nice note to point out that it was Tim's post.

This is an advertisement.
To sell something.
Using stereotypes.


I don't like the ad for airing on the SuperBowl broadcast.

1. A large portion of the audience will see the ad, and make disparaging remarks about gays, incited by the stereotypes. "Them faggots are even trying to take over the Super Bowl."

2. I think the ad is risky for Doritos. I bet that Doritos will at least temporarily be known as the "gay junk food", and thus avoided by some.

3. I do not like the possible inference of a bad stereotype of "gay recruitment." In this case, "the gays" are possibly recruiting a man who is heterosexually married. There is sympathy for the worried-looking hetero wife, possibly being wronged by "the gays".

I was hoping to see responses to my comment, but apparently it didn't post yesterday! It was clever and sexy and just a little sassy... y'all will have to just imagine it.

But the ad's fine and there are plenty of sissy gay men like that who are too cute and awesome people.