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Diabetes: That's what she said!

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When I was in my early 20's, my roommate and I drove up to Indianapolis to go the bathhouse. I met a lovely gentleman and we retired to my room for a few hours. The sex was great, but a few minutes after orgasm, he began to shake and stutter.

He communicated that he was diabetic and needed to get some sugar quickly. I ran out to the pop machine, alg_mauro_brito-split.jpgbought him a Coke, and gave him a ride home after to make sure he made it back okay.

I've never heard of diabetes as an excuse to have sex though. Or is that what the kids are calling it these days? After two female high school teachers were caught having sex in a classroom, they tried to use the "insulin shot" defense (which, apparently, is different from the Twinkie defense albeit with the same amount of believability).

Brito, a diabetic, told investigators she started feeling ill and asked her French teacher colleague to "check her blood sugar," according to the report.

"Let's go upstairs," Mauro said, according to the report. "I have sugar and candy in my room."

By the time they got to Mauro's classroom on the third floor, Brito said her "knees got weak," so she lay down on the floor.

Brito took off her sweater and Mauro placed it under her colleague's head, Brito said in the report, then Mauro put a chair under Brito's legs "to aid her circulation."

Brito said Mauro was kneeling next to her with the lights off when the janitor popped in. Mauro was fully clothed, Brito told investigators.

The janitor, who said he saw two topless women rolling around on the floor, summoned school safety officer Ruth Reyes.

She described what she saw in Room 337 quite differently.

"[Brito] was naked on the floor... and I saw the blond between her legs, and when I opened the door, she looked up and told me to shut the door," Reyes told investigators.

By the time Assistant Principal Jodie Cohen got to the room minutes later, she saw Brito "leaning against the teacher's desk... and she seemed to be, like, zippering her boot and finishing buttoning her shirt."

The state arbiter didn't buy the story. One teacher has been fired while the other still awaits disciplinary action.

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I would love to know what the janitor said to the school safety officer.

@ Deena, well he said "your not going to belive what I just saw! Quick, grab your video camera!" in Jr. High, I actually did catch two of my female teachers doing bit more than making out in a classroom after school. So it is possible, but I the story that these two gave actually could be true. As far as I can see, its 2 vs. 2 'he said, she said'.

"Let's go upstairs. I have sugar and candy in my room."

Sounds like the plot of some porn movie

I met a lovely gentleman and we retired to my room for a few hours.

Too much information, too many childhood memories.

I'm just tickled because the school is a block away from where my grandparents used to live, so I associate it with them.

But it is the world's flimsiest excuse. You don't have to disrobe to have your blood sugar tested or to get an insulin shot, and the person administering either certainly doesn't have to. It reminds me of the kind of excuse you give your parents when you're caught red-handed.

so sweet of you to buy that dude a soda!