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Fitness Stud Nelson Vergel Raids My Fridge

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Nelson Vergel is not impressed with my refrigerator. Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NelsonGrab 3 - Copy.jpgSure, it has double doors and a freezer drawer, but he's criticizing almost every damn thing inside it. Most of the items say "low fat" or "sugar free," but he claims it's all a terrible lie!

Letting the HIV fitness and nutrition expert take over my kitchen was almost more than I bargained for. This guy means business, trashing my beloved junk food, demystifying "diet" labels, and offering helpful tips anyone can use. It's all part of the latest episode of My Fabulous Disease, and I hope you'll check it out.

Thumbnail image for TESTOSTERONE mans guide grab - Copy.jpgI was lucky to get some time with Nelson, considering he's been busy with his own web site about fitness and supplements, as well as promoting his new book, Testosterone: A Man's Guide. But after I cozied up to him during the recent HIV Cruise Retreat in the Caribbean (I was the MC and he was a guest lecturer), he promised to visit my kitchen and help jump-start my fitness overhaul.

Wish me luck! I promise to take Nelson's advice to heart, by eating better and making my grand comeback to the gym - although this time, I'll watch the weight lifters from afar and stick to the cardio machines.

And how are your resolutions coming? Isn't it a gas (and a miracle) that people with HIV/AIDS like me are working to stay in shape for the long run? Irony is awfully popular these days.

And by the way, what's in your fridge?

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I just got back from the grocery store, with a bag filled with Activia and dark, crunchy bread. I'm sure I'll be doing some pooping Nelson would be proud of.

Brown crunchy bread is my favorite. I remember how irritated our daughter would get each time we went to the store and she couldn't have Wonder bread.

Lucky you, he doesn't make house calls for everyone.

That's true about diet soda and fruit juice. I like whole oranges!

Great video.

I'm very skeptical about pathologizing low amounts of testosterone in the male body though. I see many parallels to the pathologizing of transgender bodies. Rather than being told how much testosterone I'm supposed to have and that my body won't develop in the 'correct' way, why don't I make decisions about my own body, thanks.